The ISA’s intent is to ensure that legislators, regulators and other authorities understand, and appreciate the value of, recreational boating activity and take our needs into account.

Boating legal and governence information.

Green Diesel  

From 1st November 2008, diesel used for “private pleasure navigation” is subject to mineral oil tax at the same rate as applies to auto diesel (currently €368.05 per 1,000 litre), instead of the reduced rate that applies to marked gas oil (currently €47.36 per 1,000 litre).

See Green Diesel Tax Guide  for more information (word doc)

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ISA Representations

The ISA conducts regular annual/bi-annual meetings with the following organisations that have an interest in cruising:

·        Dept of Transport – Maritime Safety Directorate

·        Dept of Transport Marine Safety Working Group

·        Dept of Environment and Dept of Agriculture – Foreshore unit

·        Department of Environment – Water Safety Officers & County Managers - Local Byelaws/Local Access/Visitor moorings etc

·        Failte Ireland

·        Irish Marine search and Rescue Committee

·        Irish Lights users consultative committee

·        European Boating Association (Regulation, Environment, Technical issues)

·        International Sailing Federation 

In addition the ISA make regular submissions on behalf of our members.    

Here are a few of the submissions made -

April 2012   

Fishery Harbour Centres (Rates and Charges) Order 2012

March 2012    

Our Ocean Wealth

Towards an Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland
March 2010    

Maritime Safety Directorate,

Department of Transport 

Small Vessels Register


The Department of Transport and Marine

Statement of Strategy 2008-2010

Representing Boating

Representing our sport and our waters.

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