Sailability Ireland is a not for profit organisation who promotes sailing for people with disabilities throughout Ireland. The ISA support this organisation to achieve its objectives in developing training and promoting sailing programmes and events.

20170426-watersports-logo-3A unique event is organised for 2017 the WATERSPORTS INCLUSION GAMES – a weekend of on the water fun, parties and competition with sailing, rowing and canoeing activities for people with disabilities or people from disadvantaged areas – find out more here.

Access our interactive map here where you can try sailing in specially designed boats in locations across the country.

Our aims are:

      • To provide the necessary support for people with disabilities to sail.
      • Encourage sailing as an activity, primarily for pleasure, but also to facilitate those who desire to develop their competitive potential.
      • Train volunteers, sailors, instructors, family and friends to facilitate sailors with disabilities to enjoy our sport.
      • Develop and foster team spirit between able bodied and those with disabilities, through leisure and competitive sailing.

Which Boat?

Hansa 303 Hansa boat

The Hansa 303 is 3.3m long, has two sails and potential for two adults. It can be easily single-handed and is an ideal boat for building confidence for helming and/or single-handed sailing. Features include a hammock seat, joystick steering, fully reef-able mainsail and jib, high boom for head safety, weighted removable keel, very stable, no hiking out needed, virtually uncapsizable and easily maneuvered or transported on the roof of a car or trailer.

Skud18SKUD 18 pic

The Skud18 is 18ft long, has three sails and requires 2 people to sail it. It is very versatile and can be handled by a variety of crew configurations. The helmsman can transfer manually and be steering with tillers, or be in a fixed seat on the centreline using a manual joystick, push/pull rods, or a battery operated assist joystick with full control of all functions.
The forward crew can either be on the centreline, tranferring manually, or using a swinging seat. Or both crew could be mobile – even riding trapeze. An innovative array of equipment combinations will enable a variety of sailing configurations, so that the Skud18 can be sailed as either a sedate training boat, or as an exhilarating, high-performance yet stable skiff for either one or two sailors.

SonarSonar Boat

The Sonar is the 23-foot 3 person boat internationally acclaimed one-design with a sit-in cockpit and is the largest boat raced in the Paralympic Sailing Classes. When the wind pipes up you sit securely on side decks designed for security and hiking comfort. Angled seat backs and coamings are designed for comfort when heeled and recessed handholds offer extra security.A generous keel and deep spade rudder provide excellent lateral stability and control and the Sonar can easily turn in its own length. The keel to hull joint is designed to minimize damage in an accidental grounding.

SquibSquib1 Boat

The Squib is an exciting 19-foot, one design, racing and cruising day boat, for a crew of 2. The Squib is very stable and the sail area allows handing without great physical strength of either helm or crew. A spinnaker may be fitted if preferred and is a very easy boat to adopt to individuals needs. The greatest aspect of this boat is that it is a very popular boat throughout Ireland in mainstream sailing and sailing for people with disabilities so both sailors can compete on equal basis and enjoy true inclusive competition.

Contact us?

Leinster Regional Contact:

Dun Laoghaire Sailability
Ian French
+353 87 2456834

Munster Regional Contact:

Kinsale Sailability
Kevin Downing
+353 87 2546880

Connaught Regional Contact:

Galway Bay Sailability
Mark Kelly
+353 86 7759216

Ulster Regional Contact:

Belfast Lough Sailability Group
Bob Harper
+44 28 93351501

National Contact:

Please get in touch with Ciaran Murphy / 087 8800744 any questions or if you want to know about Sailability Sailing in your area.

Access our interactive map of Try Sailing locations with specialised boats for disabled sailing here.