ISA Cruising Training

The ISA Online Sailing Passport & Logbook

For years now, it has been noted that training has been hampered by the absence of a robust log-book system for sailors. The Training Policy Group has been working on a solution for the Irish market.

Paddy Boyd of Sail Canada has been working with the group to bring the electronic sailing passport and log book to this market. The sailing passport was tested and piloted this summer by several clubs in Ireland to iron out any glitches and personalisation within the Irish market. Sail Canada told us of their use of an online (in the cloud) athlete evaluation programme called ChecKlick

ChecKlick is an online platform for recording and evaluating progress through a Training programme. The ISA licences the ChecKlick platform, then uploads what is known in Sail Training as the Joe Soap Cards, the detailed list of all the skills and steps which a sailor needs to acquire to become proficient at a given level within the SBSS. The ISA controls the content, and also access to the ChecKlick platform, and owns the data produced by the ChecKlick Platform for its ISA Training Schemes.

The intention is to roll it out in 2016 on an incentivised basis to clubs and centres. Sail Canada has been using this technology for over three years now with much success, and from all that testing done in Ireland so far, it is expected to work here too.”

One significant benefit of ChecKlick is how it captures and reports data, which enables the ISA know precisely how many people are using the SBSS and how they progress through that scheme. This is vital in finding out what is working (or not) and then examining why. This data is also available to Clubs, for their own students and instructors, and will be available on an ongoing basis, so it won’t need to be handed over from one JO or Instructor to the next, with all the leakage that exists in between.

Another benefit for the ISA is the ability to make changes to the Training Programme with no printing or distribution (or old stock of now useless) materials to deal with. This will help reduce costs in the future.

For al full update on the on the online sailing passport please see here: 20151002 ChecKlick – What is it