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Team Racing is About to Go Viral

The amazing health of team racing in the college sphere is largely unknown as it is an extensive activity that takes place in the winter below the radar. Some 26 teams compete at the three provincial events and at the IUSA Nationals every year. This travelling circus is successful because it’s fun, they have the kit to do it and the students have now the drive to have more fun by taking ownership of organising and running these events themselves.

College team racing harnesses the neophyte freshers into racing and maintains or indeed refreshes those good sailors who may have lapsed due to difficulty in access to boats and club racing. The hot shots comprise only 20% of these sailors. The rest team race for fun (it’s cool). The 4th 5th & 6th teams typically just have rudimentary racing skills, but they can learn the game over the period of their tenure. The potential of harnessing those sailors after they leave college is obvious.

Team racing is an excellent format to promote more sailing in you clubs. The clubs are increasingly acquiring boats that can be used for this activity. Intra and inter club team racing is more of a possibility and could provide the fun factor to get the participation of those club members who are –

  • Interested in doing something new;
  • Wanting to learn more about sailing without having to invest much time;
  • Looking to improve their boat handing skills;
  • Have fun in a participative environment.

Because team racing is numerous short races, practice is effective because there exists the immediate opportunity to repeat and test the learnings. There is a 2K format of 2 on 2 boats, which makes it easy to learn the game (last man loses) and requires only 4 boats. So we are meeting to discuss ways to make this happen – in and between clubs. The ISA can provide training on the racing requirements, formats etc to help kick this off and generate more activity in your local club.

We are having a Team Racing Development meeting on 19.00 on Wednesday 24 May at the National YC, Dun Laoghaire. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the potential of building team racing within the clubs, and build a small but committed forum to produce plans and calendars to help to progress team racing and how it can help all in their sailing capabilities.

If you or your club would be interested in developing team racing, please submit you interest or thoughts by 12th of May by e-mailing