Senior Instructor Training at Howth Yacht Club

Senior Instructor Assimilation

2017 SI Assimiliation Course Criteria and Dates Announced

The ISA Senior Instructor Assimilation Programme was introduced in 2015 in response to the shortage of qualified Senior Instructors particularly during the peak Club junior training programme period. The aim was to allow those who had previously held a Grade A or SI qualification and with experience in that role, but whose qualifications had lapsed and not been active in that role for some time, to revalidate the qualification.

  • Sat 27th & Sun 28th May 2017
  • Malahide Yacht Club
  • €150

Eligibility Criteria (one or more of the following):

  • Former ISA / IYA Grade A instructor
  • ISA Senior instructor lapsed greater than 3 yrs
  • Senior Instructor qualification from foreign sailing NGB (RYA, FFV etc)* where valid ISA
    instructorship is held
  • Age 25 + with valid ISA instructor qualification and minimum of 3yrs experience in an
    organisation and supervision of sail training activity, to be supported by log and two industry
  1. Full Criteria for ISA Senior Instructor Assimilation here.
  2. ISA Senior Instructor Assimilation Course Booking form is here. 
  3. Payment in the shop here.