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Schools Try Sailing with Local Sports Partnerships

Witschool try sailing generich the support of the Local Sports Partnerships schools throughout the nation will be opening their doors for a student Try Sailing day. No boat, no experience necessary.

As part of a Active Schools Week and as part of a schools commitment to outdoor pursuits, each school can link their students to a local sailing club and give them a chance to give Try Sailing a go.

The magic of this programme for school teachers is that students can give it a try in their own time and if a school would like to organise a school tour then do contact the club and many of them would be happy to accommodate you.

Each club will provide additional opportunities for students to go back for more and start on the ladder to pursue sailing as a personal sport and be part of the sailing clubs activities.



Dates and venues for School Try Sailing days throughout the country are updated regularly, so watch this space.

CountyVenueDateContact NameContact Details
Co DublinSwords Sailing Club23/04/2016Donal
Co DublinRush Sailing Club07/05/16Brenda
Co DublinSkerries Sailing Club23/04/16Ciara
Co DublinHowth Yacht Cclub23/04/16Mary
Co DublinSutton Dinghy Club23/04/16Amanda O'
Co DublinMalahide Yacht Club23/04/16Therese
Co LouthCarlingford Sailing Club23/04/16Erin
Co DublinRoyal Irish Yacht Club23/04/16Mark
Co DublinDun Laoghaire Motor Boat & Yacht Club23/04/16Neil
Co DublinRoyal St George Yacht Club23/04/16Ronan
Co WicklowGreystones Sailing Club23/04/16Sarah
Co WicklowBray Sailing Club23/04/16Mark
Co WicklowWicklow Sailing Club23/04/16Dave
Co WicklowArklow Sailing Club23/04/16tbatba
Co WicklowBlessington Sailing Club23/04/16PeterDolan
Co DublinClontarf Yacht & Boat Club23/04/16John
Co WexfordCourtown Sailing Club30/04/16Aine Staffordtba
Co WexfordWexford Harbour BTC30/04/16Donal
Co WaterfordWaterford Motorboat and Yacht Club23/04/16Bob
Co WaterfordWaterford harbour Sailing Club23/04/16Julie
Co WaterfordDungarvan harbour Sailing Club2/04/16Sandra
Co WaterfordDungarvan Harbour Sailing Club16/04/16Sandra
Co ClareCullaun Sailing Cluibtbatbatba
Co ClareRoyal Western Yacht Clubtbatbatba
Co CorkKinsale Yacht Club02/05/16tbatba
Co CorkBaltimore Sailing Clubtbatbatba
Co CorkInniscarra Sailing Clubtbatbatba
Co CorkRoyal Cork Yacht Clubtbatbatba
Co ClareKillaloe Sailing Clubtbatbatba
Co CorkCove Sailing Clubtbatbatba
Co Tipperarytbatbatbatba
Co Limericktbatbatbatba