Sailing in the Leaving Certificate

Phase 1 of Physical Education in Senior Cycle includes Sailing

Two new curriculums for physical education at senior cycle will be introduced from September 2018:

  1. Leaving Certificate Physical Education (optional subject for examination in the Leaving Certificate)
  2. The Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework (not for examination).

Students will choose three physical activities in three categories out of six –

  1. Personal Exercise and Fitness
  2. Athletics
  3. Artistic and aesthetic activities
  4. Aquatics
  5. Games
  6. Adventure – SAILING is one of the options here, which is fantastic.

six categories for physical education leaving cert


On 11th December the Department of Education invited schools to apply for the Phase 1 selection process and the closing date for application is 16 January 2018.  Schools will have three options to choose from –

  • Option A: Leaving Certificate Physical Education (for examination)
  • Option B: Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework (not for examination)
  • Option C: Both Leaving Certificate Physical Education and Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework.

It is anticipated the Phase 1 cohort of will be selected and notified by end of January, 2018.

If you would like your school to apply give them a nudge :) and send on this link –

If you are a school and would like advise on linking up with your local sailing club or centre call our Regional Development Officers.