Sailfleet J80’s out to Tender

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Request for Tender Submissions for Purchase of Sailfleet J80s
30th May 2017

• Sailfleet Ltd would like to request Tender submissions from ISA affiliated parties by 14th July 2017 regarding the purchase of 8 x J80 keelboats
• Tender submissions are requested for the fleet in its entirety (Boats 1 – 8) or for 4 of the fleet (Boats 1 – 4 or Boats 5- 8).
• We will consider joint proposals / partnerships from different organisations, whom wish to bid together and put together a joint proposal
• The Sailfleet Board comprises of Tadg Murphy, Brian Turvey, Michael O’Connor and John Twomey.

Key Information Regarding Sailfleet J80s:

• There are 8 x J80s, which are owned by Sailfleet Ltd.
• The Tender covers Boats, Trailers, Sails, Masts, Spars and Rigging, along with outboard motors which number seven in total.
• It is the responsibility of the tendering party to inspect / survey the boats, should they so wish, prior to submitting a tender. Tender surveys are the responsibility of the bidding party and therefore expenses incurred in this process are not the responsibility of Sailfleet. The boats are at present located in Newtown, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Surveys can be arranged via Sailfleet board member referenced below.
• The fleet has been the property of Sailfleet since 2007, purchased new from the manufacturer following one event.
• There are 2 suits of sails per boat available, one set has been used 2 – 3 times, the other set being approx 4 years old.

All Interested Parties Should Submit Proposals Which Should Contain the Following Information:

1. Name of affiliated ISA organisation
2. Who is the key contact person, including name, mobile phone and email?
3. Tenders shall be accompanied with clear evidence of the ability of the tenderer to pay the tender price in full on or before the completion date.

Tender Submission Information:

• Proposals are to be submitted in a word document format to the Sailfleet Chairperson (Tadg Murphy, Email: tadgmurphy@gmail.com ) by 14th July 2017 and a final decision regarding the fleet is expected to be made not before 28th July 2017. If you require additional information, please contact Tadg Murphy in writing only. Please note that responses to questions submitted may be published on the ISA website. Additional questions and interviews will be conducted, if required, once tender submissions are received.
• Payment in full, or by agreed terms, by the successful tenderer, shall be made or agreed, on or before 8th September 2017 (“the completion date”). Delivery of the tendered boats / equipment shall be taken on or before 8th September 2017.
• Sailfleet Limited will be responsible for making the final decision regarding the fleet.
• The Board of Sailfleet reserve the right to not accept bid(s) should they deem such action appropriate.

Sailfleet J80 Tender Submission 2017 Document and Form Available to Download Here