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Yachtmaster Offshore Examination – Multiple Candidates – Irish Sailing Members


Yachtmaster Offshore Examination for Irish Sailing Members.

Fee per candidate where 2 or more candidates attend.

If you are not a member of Irish Sailing please add the cost of membership.

Product Description

Irish Sailing Yachtmaster Offshore Examination for Irish Sailing Members.

Please download and complete the Application Form which is available here – one for each applicant.

Pre-requisite Requirements: You must hold the following pre-requisites before you apply for the examination.  Copies only must enclosed with your application form

  • Logbook requirements (see below)
  • Basic Sea Survival course completion certificate
  • Current First Aid certificate
  • Certificate of Competency in Radiotelephony (VHF)

Logbook Requirements

You need to provide the following details logged in a cruising boat within the last 10 years.  All mileage requirements requested will need to be detailed in either your own logbook or the Irish Sailing Cruising Logbook.

The following should be clearly shown:

  • 3000 miles.*
  • 50 days at sea.
  • 6 days as skipper.
  • 30 night watch hours.
  • Complete page 4 of the Irish Sailing Logbook with Yachtmaster Offshore qualifying passages. They must be varied passages greater than 60 miles in length, 2 of which must have been outside of Irish waters.  These may include passages that you have included elsewhere in your log.

*  The total mileage may be reduced to 2500 miles if you have completed an Irish Sailing Yachtmaster Offshore Shorebased course (please enclose certificate).  Mileage logged during any Irish Sailing accredited cruising training courses may be included.