ISA Performance Review

ISA Performance Review

In the aftermath of the success of the Rio Olympic Games, Sport Ireland have reviewed the ISA’s performance programme identifying specifically the strengths and weaknesses of the Rio Olympiad and how we might improve on our successes for the next cycle in the build up to the Tokyo games in 2020.

The ISA Board has established a working group to review the ISA’s Performance programme paying particular attention to the relationships between the ISA’s core membership activities and the performance pathway.

The working group’ objectives are to:

  1. Review the suitability of the existing ISA Development Academy and ISA Youth Academy structures as a means to introduce, develop, transition and retain emerging talent.
  2. Recommend how the HP and Core resources best work together to foster and develop talent.
  3. Consider how HP success, and the investment therein can be used to strengthen the sport overall.

The Review group would like your help at this stage in giving feedback in respect of the third objective, and would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete the short survey before Monday 9th January.

ISA Performance Review Survey Here

About the ISA’s Performance Programme

The ISA’s performance programme has the single high level goal of achieving success at the Olympic games. This is defined as an Olympic Medal Race performance, and ultimately an Olympic medal. The terminology used for the programme sometimes is cause for confusion, as there are many sailors who we would consider to be ‘performance sailors’ who are not aspiring to Olympic success. The terminology arises as a result of copyright of the Olympic branding with the Olympic Council of Ireland, and the Irish sailing Team are not authorised to use the term outside the games themselves – this applies to all Irish Olympic sports, and the term ‘performance’ has been adopted within Irish sport to describe the Olympic programmes.

The Performance programme is funded through a separate funding stream from the ISA’s core membership activities. Currently around 80% of performance funding comes from the Sport Ireland’s Performance Programme funds with the additional 20% made up from sponsorship and income streams associated with the programme. The grants received from sport Ireland for this programme are ring fenced for performance, and is not available to support other membership activities.

Aims of the Performance Pathway

The ultimate aim of the Performance pathway is to nurture and develop sailors throughout junior squad, youth squads, Academy & U21 development squads guiding the sailors towards international regattas and eventually Olympic level with Team Ireland.

The key is to develop young sailors of the appropriate age, size and ability and guide them to progress forward at the right time. 6 phases

Linking research to the development of world-class sailors is important to understand how the Pathway operates, classes selected and ultimately sailors guided into the right direction. Transformation into a world class Performance sailor does not happen overnight.

The model retained and adapted to our sport is the Long Term Player Development model, which divides progress into 6 phases. The model has been adjusted to suit sailing and provide the basis of the Matrix.

ISA Performance Review Survey