Club Coaching Programme

Our New Club Coaching Programme

30 Nov 2017

Update on Level one Club Coach and Coaching programme.

Following the announcement of the Level 1 club coaching programme in July, there has been considerable interest from eligible coaches aspiring to gain a coaching qualifications with Irish Sailing. This response has been really positive and reaffirms our belief that there is a strong cohort of coaches in the country who want to formalise their training and receive the recognition they deserve in the form of official qualification.

For the past number of weeks Irish Sailing have been reviewing and amending aspects of our coaching protocols and guidelines. Once this process is complete we will move on with delivering the coaching programme to our applicants.

The programme now commence in the New Year and we will be in touch with all applicants with an updated timeline concerning the rollout of the programme.

Original launch is below and full details available here.

In the meantime if you have any questions please email Ross on


18 July 2017

Irish Sailing’s Ross Killian rolls out a new Club Coaching Programme.

For those of you who missed the Afloat article on Ross Killian, we’re reprinting it here.
Ross Killian is Irish Sailing’s 420 Academy Coach, but this summer Ross is also developing our new Club Coaching programme. We caught up with Ross in between his international coaching events to find out more about the Club Coaching programme and what he’s looking for.

What’s the new Irish Sailing Club Coaching Programme all about ?

We know that most children learn to sail during the summer on various Irish Sailing courses, but we wanted to put a programme in place that steps up a level and teaches children how to race, and at the same time, extends their time on the water after the summer months. The aim is threefold: teach younger sailors about racing, get more clubs and coaches interested in race coaching, and extend the summer season into the autumn.
The Club Coaching programme has two parts. The first is finding suitable instructors and coaches on the ground and bringing them up to a brand new Irish Sailing certification called “Club Coach Level 1”. The second is working with the clubs to design a tailor-made programme that takes into account club size, costs, boats available, and geographic spread.
What does this mean for Clubs ?
This summer we are rolling out the programme for clubs to encourage them to nominate possible coaches. I also want to work with as many clubs as possible to create their own Club Coaching programme. If Clubs can include a club coach in their offering to members, we can encourage more children to learn about racing, extend the on-the-water season for sailors, and expand the pool of coaches. For example, if you are a mid-sized club and you have seven Toppers that have sailed all summer, why not get a coach to train up to Club Coach Level 1 and offer weekend race training after all the summer courses have finished – you could extend your season for three or four weeks in September and October. If you have a smaller fleet, you could think about teaming up with another club in your region and splitting the coaching sessions. I’m here to help with creating and tailoring these programmes.

What would you like to have achieved by this time next year ?

By next year I’d like to have ten clubs actively running coaching programmes, and thirty valid and practicing trained coaches who are suitable to deliver club coaching.

What are you looking forward to most about this role ?

I’m passionate about coaching and passionate about sailing, and I am looking forward to working with others to deliver the best training sessions to their young sailors. Training for the new Club Coach Level 1 will begin in the autumn.


If you’d like to find out more, please contact Ross Killian at