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Irish Sailing Optimist squad investigation

21 December, 2017 21:00


We had hoped to have been in a position to share the recommendations of the investigation into the Irish Sailing Optimist Squad investigation, however the final report from the Investigation team has yet to be submitted to the Board of Irish Sailing. We anticipate the investigation will be concluded early in the new year.


27 November, 2017: 12:27

Update on the Optimist Squad Incident

The independent external investigation into the Optimist Squad Incident in Dun Laoghaire that was initially due for publication in mid-November will now be published in December.

Irish Sailing President Jack Roy says he expects that the investigation, having reviewed every aspect of the incident, will result in recommendations which, once implemented, will reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of an event such as this.

In an update on progress, Roy explained the delay in publication is due to the extent of the investigation by the independent investigator Philip Scallan and Ger Keeling.

‘Completing this report has taken longer than expected because time had to be allowed to interview all those who wished to contribute. I am confident its recommendations will lead to a safer sport for all of us’, Roy said.

The recommendations will be published on the Irish Sailing website.


26 October, 2017: 21:37

Irish Sailing Optimist squad investigation report to be published by mid-November

Following the incident in Dun Laoghaire Harbour with the Irish Sailing Optimist performance squad on Saturday 21 October, Irish Sailing President Jack Roy and CEO Harry Hermon appointed Philip Scallan as independent external lead investigator. Today, Thursday 26 October, Mr Scallan outlined the areas of investigation to the President and CEO and requested additional time to investigate and consult with all parties.

Mr Scallan is a Safety Officer with many years of experience assessing and implementing safety standards in Irish and international sailing events. He will be assisted in this external investigation by Ger Keeling, a marine engineer and former CEO of the International Marine Rescue Federation who works with both Irish Water Safety and the RNLI. Mr Scallan, who is based in the UK, will be travelling to Dun Laoghaire over the weekend and requests that any parent, sailor, witness, coach or any other party who feels that their contribution is relevant to the investigation, to get in contact with him promptly at

Following a review of all the information received, and consultations with all the parties involved, Mr Scallan and Mr Keeling will also review Irish Sailing’s health and safety protocols before presenting their report which is expected to be finalised by mid-November. The findings will be published on the Irish Sailing website.

Jack Roy commented: “Our priority is always the safety of our sailors and we are determined to establish all the facts relating to this incident. We look forward to receiving Mr Scallan’s report and implementing his recommendations so that we learn as much as we can from what happened and maintain the confidence of sailors and their families in our programmes”.