Rio team

Irish Olympic Sailing Results

Olympic Results

An incredible performance by the Irish Olympic team.

  • Annalise Murphy Women’s – Laser Radial Womens (dinghy) – SILVER MEDAL
  • Matt McGovern and Ryan Seaton – Men’s 49er (skiff) – 9TH PLACE
  • Saskia Tidy and Andrea Brewster – Women’s 49er FX (skiff) – 12TH PLACE
  • Finn Lynch – Laser Mens (dinghy) – 32ND PLACE

A message from the team –

“As a team we were proud to be representing Sailing. Without the support of the clubs, training centres and classes our achievements would not be possible. Sport Ireland backed Sailing as a medal potential sport and gave us the platform to achieve this. Providence Resources and Gul showed faith in a young team and gave us the support needed to push forward. Countless hours of expertise from coaches and support staff across the island and abroad gave us a critical edge. All the team @isaperformance achieved their personal best Olympic result at the time when it mattered most. Family, friends and personal sponsors complete the final piece of the complicated jigsaw that is sporting excellence. Take one piece away and you risk failure. Thank you All.” #futureisbright.

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