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First Team Racing Meeting

First Team Racing Meeting

The ISA convened the first Team Racing meeting with a great group last week – it was extremely heartening to hear so many productive discussions and ideas around the table from an energetic and diverse group. A total of 20 people from around the country attended.

The meeting covered a range of topics, from the barriers to those entering Team Racing, the lack of umpires, the range of boats suitable to team racing, dinghies vs keelboat racing, calendars, identifying TR Representatives in each club and training centre, club fleet purchasing, and university fleets amongst others. From a top-down perspective, 3 groups of training and education were identified: sailors themselves, Clubs and Training Centres (to organise events), and Umpires. In addition, 5 target groups were identified: Oppie sailors up the age of 15; 15-18 Transition Year students; College age; Post-College/First Job age; 35 years and older (who are unlikely to go back into dinghies).

The next steps will be various communication points, sharing of information amongst the group in terms of toolkits, events, umpires, club coaching, fleet availability as well as a possible Team Racing event and training at the end of the summer.

For anyone interested in learning more, please contact Sarah-Louise Rossiter

If you are interested in following the Team Racing developments and link up with fellow enthusiasts join the new ISA Team Racing Facebook Group HERE.