Commercial Endorsement

The Commercial Endorsement for use by Masters of Licensed Passenger Boats

The Commercial Endorsement qualifies you to act as master or crew on vessels holding Passenger Boat licences as required by the Department of Transport.  The Endorsement issued by the ISA on behalf of the Minister can be issued on foot of a range of ISA and DOT qualifications

The Commercial Endorsement is issued by the ISA on behalf of the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.

It is a credit card type certificate that must be carried by Masters whenever they are in charge of a licensed passenger boat. Masters of all vessels holding Passenger Boat licences are required to have certification indicating an appropriate degree of personal competency.

This certification must be in the form of one of the certificates listed below along with the appropriate “Commercial Endorsement” issued by the ISA. In some instances crew may also need to hold certification.

  • National Powerboat Certificate
  • Advanced Powerboat Certificate
  • Yachtmaster Certification (Motor/Sail) for either Coastal, Offshore or Ocean
  • Day Skipper Certificates (Motor/Sail)
  • Certificates issued by the Maritime Directorate
  • Inland waterways Skippers Certification

The type of certificate and category of Commercial Endorsement, required by the Master varies according to the type of passenger boat licence the vessel holds. Details on the ISA Certificates listed above, and the training and assessment leading to the award of these certificates, may be obtained by contacting the ISA Office (01 280023901 2800239) or your nearest ISA Training Centre.

Masters holding the appropriate ISA certificate may obtain the Commercial Endorsements by applying to ISA using the Application Form (below) and enclosing any additional certification required (see below) as well as proof of identity and a passport photograph.

Please note First Aid Certificates must be issued by an STCW-95 approved course provider under STCW 78/95 as listed by The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (list available below).

In future, holders of  either of the following First Aid certificates will  also  be accepted as meeting the requirements:

  • FETAC Level 5 Occupational First Aid
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Emergency First Response.
The above  First Aid training  requirements will apply to commercial endorsements issued under categories A and B.

Documents Available To Download

Application Form for a Commercial Endorsement

Application Form for Revalidation / Re-Issue of a Commercial Endorsement

Summary of Commercial Endorsement

Standard Format for Category A & B Medical Certificate

Template for the Log of Service Requirements

Dept. of Marine Notice 1 of 2015 - Approved Training Course Providers under STCW78

To pay for your Commercial Endorsement on line please click here....

Please note that you will need to Logon to the ISA Website; and

You will need to post your application form directly to the ISA

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