Why Choose an ISA Training Centre

An ISA Training Centre is an organisation that has, in partnership with the ISA, undertaken to provide quality tuition and training to national and international standards.

ISA certified training courses can only be run at accredited ISA Training Centres, by suitably-qualified staff, who follow the relevant national syllabus, use appropriate well-maintained equipment and have adequate safety support. The ISA through its Inspectors continuously monitors its recognised centres to ensure that operating standards are being maintained. 

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Seabased Training Courses

Dinghy   Keelboat   Catamaran
Sailing Yacht
Motor Yacht

  Inland Waterways

Shorebased Training Courses

Navigation   Emergency Care   Sea Survival
Marine Engine
  Radio Courses
  Safeguarding &
Children's Safety

Certificates of Competency

 Yachtmaster   ICC

Instructor Courses

Instructor courses scheduled by ISA Training Centres

All Listed Courses

All courses scheduled by ISA Training Centres

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