Cruising Preferences

In October , 2015 Cool Route partners initiated a very wide area survey on the preferences, priorities, needs and interests of the yacht cruising community. The purpose of the survey was to obtain accurate data on the views of people within the sector and to move towards establishing hard facts, as against what might otherwise be considered as subjective views on the sectors preferences. The study reached respondents throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, The Faroe Islands and Norway. Additionally, responses came in from Canada, USA, France and New Zealand.

Over 500 responses were submitted , all of which answered questions in relation to matters such as preferred daily runs, most important shore-side facilities, average spending and things to do and see, to name but a few.

Most importantly an enormous amount of qualitative comments were submitted giving excellent insights into the opinions of cruising sailors, what they most value and also their impressions on whats good and bad about cruising in North Western Europe.

The results of this study will primarily be used by the Cool route project team as an input to the next stages of the research brief, including the Marketing and Business Plan.

It is also hoped that its findings will also provide useful information to a wide range of small enterprises along the route, who can benefit from the development of cruising.

See the survey results here

Cool Route Cruising Preferences Survey