Mixed Dinghies Racing. Photograph Niall MacAllister

Classes Forum 2017

Classes Forum 2017

Howth Yacht Club

13:30 to 15:30 – following AGM

Saturday 25th March

We would like to invite two or three representatives from all ISA Affiliated Classes to attend a Classes Forum.

Please join us to exchange ideas with other classes, the ISA and work together for growth. This is primarily aimed at Dinghy and One Design Keelboat Classes but any Class representative is very welcome:

  • Briefings:
    o Head of Communications Treasa Cox – 2017 focus, TrySailing 2018, 2018 conference? Forum timing?
    o High Performance – CEO Harry Hermon
    o ICRA experience – Simon Mc Gibney
    o Sport Ireland update on targeting participation
    o Overview – Grants, RO Review, plans for 2018 grants, Club Coaching Programme – RDO for Racing and Classes Sarah-Louise Rossiter
  • Events and event gaps; participation experience from classes on the ground
  • Youth Participation Survey & TrySailing 2017 – impact on growth targeting by Classes Sarah Byrne
  • Targeting areas for growth – Sarah Byrne & representatives from potential target groups

We would like you to submit further items that you would like discussed and included in the agenda before Monday 20th of March.

A number of ISA representatives will be available on the day, if you have any subjects you would like raised at the forum, please email/post them to Sarah Louise Rossiter and we will address them at the meeting. This is a golden opportunity to pool ideas.

In order to calculate numbers please indicate by email/post the name/s, class title, of the person/s that will be attending by Monday 20th of March to sl.rossiter@sailing.ie