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A Whole Different Outlook

Collaboration of clubs, centres and counties gives young sailors a whole new outlook

This year there is a collaboration with ICRA, CREWPOINT and the ISA as a stepping stone into cruiser racing. Through this collaboration the young sailor will learn some of the different crewing skills needed to sail a multi handed boat, and if they so wished to try racing in bigger boats, where to find willing owners in their club or locality who are looking for crew, and in turn the owners will be made aware of the training they will have received, so will be open to the approach of the young sailor.

In recent years transitions year students, predominately from Dublin have been heading down to Heir Island in West Corki to partake in week long Keelboat training, during September and October. The week was seen as a great way for the young sailors of different clubs such as The Royal St. George YC, The National YC, Howth YC, Sutton YC, and other clubs who may be racing against one another and train together throughout the winter and spring, get a chance to know one another better and gain experience on different boats, and in a new environment. The groups have used Heir Island Sailing School as a base, and the ideal surrounding waters of Roaring Water bay as a training ground.

In past years the Yacht clubs have being chartering the 570 Keelboats from Glenua, however in October last year Glenua decided to dissolve as an organisation, so Heir Island Sailing School stepped in and purchased the 570 fleet, so that these groups could keep on coming down and also grow into a Keelboat Academy where sailors from all over the country on a regional basis could come and experience something new.

Kevin at Heir Island Sailing School is coordinating this initiative