Sailing with Covid Update 5 Jan 2021

Sailing with Covid Update 5 Jan 2021

Update 5th January 2021        

As we know in the current environment where cases of infection are rising,  the parameters for the ‘Living with Covid’ plan are changing regularly and becoming more restrictive, it should be noted that the intent of current guidelines is to minimise movement of people and contact as much as possible. As restrictions are being tightened, it is appropriate to err on the side of caution.

The current guidelines as they relate to Exercise and Sporting Events, restricts any form of organised or supervised activity/training, however they do allow for people to take part in exercise on an individual basis without the need for others to be involved.

With this in mind, the fundamental principles on which to base the decision to go afloat throughout the pandemic thus far have not changed:

  1. Compliance -  with Restrictions
  2. Personal Responsibility -  for decision making
  3. Self Help – returning to shore without the need of outside assistance
  4. Risk Assessment – to ensure for  safe and objective decision making

We have been asked by the Minister to put in a formal submission directly to the Department to highlight any changes we feel are appropriate that would facilitate continued activities through the different levels of the Government’s Living with Covid Plan, without increasing the risk of spread of the virus. The key issue for us is to lobby (along with other non contact sports where competition presents no greater risk then training) for competitive activities to resume in levels where training and coaching activities are allowed. Our submission to the Department is due for 8th January, and we hope to be able to give you a little more certainty with planning for 2021 in the coming weeks.

In the meantime we have published updated FAQ’s based on queries that have arisen from the most recent announcement, and we will continue to provide updates as soon as we can, following any further announcements.

If you have any additional queries, please email me and we will do our best to clarify any of the Government’s guidelines.

Safe Sailing

Harry Hermon

▶ Irish Sailing Plan for Living with COVID-19 Level 5 with Amendments 1 Jan 2021

▶ FAQs @ 5 Jan 2021

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