The Stig of Virtual Sailing

The Stig of Virtual Sailing

The Stig of Virtual Sailing – who is IRL55248?

Since we launched the Irish eSailing National Championship two weeks ago, nearly 600 players have signed up – and top of the Irish leaderboard is the enigmatic IRL55248. But who is IRL55248 ?

They used to say that sailing was a game of least mistakes. Until now. Enter IRL55248. The course is their canvas and we are at the mercy of their brushstrokes. They break the bias on zero, cross the fleet at full speed and onto the shortest course to the next mark. The fleet becomes puppeteered like a cat playing a mouse, bouncing them to the lesser corners of the racetrack, confused, frustrated, desperately rolling the dice. 

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile the running world changed overnight. IRL55248 has introduced the sailing World to something we thought was unobtainable... the perfect race...

There is so much we don't know. What does IRL55248 sail? Are they a recognised champion? A sailmaker or boat builder? Man or woman? An Optimist child protegé or an old master teaching us a lesson?  All they give us is that sail number, razor sharp tactics and the feeling that they giggle behind their screen at our tweaking inadequate frustrations as they teach us a lesson in sailing tactics with each passing wind shift. 

In the virtual world of eSailing we are mere mortals simply lucky to appreciate such wizardry but in the real world, at sea, the 'Stig' of sailing glides amongst us, in our evening race or a wandering cruise, we pass unknowingly, like ships in the night.

Who is IRL55248?

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