Love Sport

Love Sport

Never Loose The Love!

Expert sports wWomen from cycling, sailing, rugby boxing, hockey, modern pentathlon, paralympics and special olympics came together to share an important message - sport is for everyone.

Experts in their field ... chatted with young sports enthusiasts

  • Roisin Upton - Irish International Hockey player
  • Kellie Harrington - Irish Boxer
  • Fiona Coghlan - Former Irish Rugby Player
  • Annalise Murphy - Irish Olympic Sailor
  • Natalya Coyle - Modern Pentathlon
  • Eve McCrystal - Cycling Pilot - Paralympics Ireland
  • Emma Johnstone - Special Olympics Athlete

"It's not just about the competative side, it's about the life that it gives you" Annalise Murphy

"It's good for everybody to play sports, but especially girls cos boys think that they can do anything and girls sometimes doubt that. Once they have their confidence, they can do so much more than they think." Emily Riordan Optimist and 4.7 Sailor

Love sport

Never Lose the Love!

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