28 Entrants in 7 teams were at the ISA National Powerboat Championship at Lough Ree Yacht Club on Saturday 1st November.  

Teams arrived from 10am and started launching their powerboats and were given a chance to familiarise their teams with the location and conditions, with full briefing by Ciarán Murphy at 12:00, the event commenced at 13:00.

Challenges for each team were General Boat Handling, Coming Along Side, Picking Up a Mooring, Right an Inverted Dinghy, Lee Shore Landing. Conditions deteriorated as the day continued, with heavy rain and cold winds adding an extra edge to the tasks for all teams, but spirits didn't dampen though and each team rose the the challenge.  Judges were not only looking at the skills and techniques of their maneuvers, but also communication and overall team work, so a helm could have performed an maneuver perfectly, but poor team communication would reflect in the total score.

Dennis Dillon was the creator of the Powerboat Challenge in 2009 and came down to lend a hand on the day, he commented "What stood out most of all is the involvement of the youth in this years challenge and their dedication." Each team must have two youths aged between 12 and 17 and are an integral part of the team working as helm, as well as crew.

A new award was presented to best Lady Powerboater this year to Linda Laird of North Shannon Powerboat School and Best Overall Powerboater was presented to Stan Bradbury of Lough Ree Yacht Club for his exceptional communication, coaching and team work.

Full final results are as follows -

 North Shannon Powerboat School Team 1 Roscommon 82 points
 Galway Sea Scouts  78.5 points
 Lough Ree Yacht Club  78 points
 Wicklow Sailing Club  76.5 points
 North Shannon Powerboat School Team 2 Leitrim  67.5 points
 Bray Sailing Club Team 1  67 points
 Bray Sailing Club Team 2  64 points

Team Details
Wicklow Sailing Club Team     Lough Ree Yacht Club    North Shannon Powerboat School
 Team 1 - Roscommon
 - Isobel O'Grady  1999    - Stan Bradbury  Adult    - Julie Garland  Adult
 - Ken O'Grady  2000    - Erica Mulvihill  Adult    - Cormac Smith  Adult
 - Sam Hennessy  2000    - Lochlann O'Regan  1998    - Brian Boland  1998
 - Bobby Bell King  1998    - Connor Lande  2001    - Ben Garland  1999
 Team Manager - Kyron O'Grady    Team Manager - V Rafter    Team Manager - Will Ellis
 Galway Sea Scouts      North Shannon Powerboat School
 Team 2 - Leitrim
   Bray Sailing Club
 Team 1
 - Ciaran Jordan  1997    - Linda Laird  Adult    - Garrett Myhal  1999
 - Eamon Murphy  1998    - Rory Egan  Adult    - Jack Fegan  2001
 - Lauren McCole  2001    - David Garland  2002    - Sanne Fennema  1998
 - John McCole  Adult    - Ruairi Morgan  2002    - Emma Groves  1997
 Team Manager - Alan Delahunty    Team Manager - Sharon Garland    Team Manager - Kevin Murphy
 Bray Sailing Club
 Team 2
 - Matthew Loughran  2000            
 - Jules Kinsellsa  2000            
 - Aifric Murphy  1997            
 - Jack Hannon  1997            
 Team Manager - Martin Darcy            


Posted on October 29, 2014 14:46

Nine teams are preparing themselves for the Powerboat Challenge in Lough Ree Yacht Club this Saturday 1st November.
  1. LRYC
  2. Bray SC 1
  3. Bray SC 2
  4. Wicklow SC
  5. Roscommon PB 1
  6. Leitrim PB 2
  7. North Shannon PB 3
  8. Galway Sea Scouts
  9. Galway City Sailing Club

They will be put through their paces with a range of challenges to test their Powerboat Skills. Safety is the priority when it comes to powerboating and the challenges reflect the need to have total control of your boat and understand the impact of the surrounding environment.  Here are some of the tasks they may be set -

- Basic Boat Handling
- Securing to and Leaving a Mooring Buoy
- Leaving and Coming Alongside
- Rescue and Recover Kayak / Canoe
- Rescue and Recover a Windsurfer
- Rescue and Recover an upturned Dinghy with no Crew
- Rescue and Recover a Multi Handed Dinghy with Spinnaker and Trapeze
- Set up a Trapezoid Racing Course
- Return to Shore and Safely tie to Trailer

The actual amount of tasks and which ones asked on the day will depend on weather conditions,  infrastructure available at the venue and timing restrictions. Each team will be compared and marked on the same amount and type of tasks performed. The assessment of a task is based on conducting it safely and correctly so points are awarded on demonstrating required protocols. Each task is also timed in case of a draw where the quickest team overall all tasks will win.

Each team has four members, plus a manager.  Each team will have two competitors no younger than 12 years of age and no older than 15 years of age and at lease one female crew.  Each team member will be helm at least one of the tasks.

A presentation will be made to the winning team and most outstanding powerboater at the end of the event.

Good luck lads and lasses.  Looking forward to a great weekend in Lough Ree.


posted on August 22, 2014 

The 2014 ISA Powerboat Challenge has been confirmed for Saturday 1st November at Lough Ree Yacht Club, commencing at 12 noon. There will be no regional events, just one national event compacted in to one day to make the competition more accessible to everyone nationally.

The challenge is based on many of the Safety Boat skills and is all water based, with teams consisting of adults and juniors. Clubs and centres are encouraged to use the event to help introduce training of powerboat skills amongst teens and adults alike.  

This date has been chosen so clubs and centres can avail of the school Halloween half term to facilitate team training running up to the event.

Each team will be tested for skills such as man over board rescue, lee shore landing, vessel rescue and more. Each team member will take the helm for at least one of the challenges.

Further details and entry forms are available here on line. Contact Ciaran for any further details.


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