Mixed Dinghies Racing. Photograph Niall MacAllister

ISA Junior Performance Seminars

Postponed to 2017

The Winter seminars will be postponed to January / February. If you are interested in participating in the seminars in the new year please complete the application.


7 Oct 2016

Applications Now Open

The first of the new ISA Junior Performance Seminars will take place in the Irish Institute of Sport on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of October. This is the first of 3 Winter seminars aimed at junior sailors of ALL classes born between 2001 and 2004 who are passionate about their sailing and want to learn important skills which will help with their overall development in the sport. The seminar also aims to educate sailors about the ISA pathway and help sailors understand their options and choices when graduating through the different sailing classes.

The opening seminar will focus on education of the sailor in areas outside the technical skills of sailing their chosen class. Topics covered at the seminar will include –

  • lifestyle,
  • managing the sailing school balance,
  • nutrition,
  • physical training and injury prevention,
  • psychology,
  • how to manage the off season,
  • plus a range of connecting skills relevant to this time of year when competitive sailing takes a break.

The cost of the first weekend seminar is €50 per sailor and applications close on Friday the 14th of October.

Apply here www.surveymonkey.com/r/junior_performance_seminars

And complete the Medical Consent and Emergency Contact Form found here http://www.isaperformance.ie/squad-docs and email directly to olympicadmin@sailing.ie. Thank you.


20 Sept 2016

LAUNCHING Performance Pathway Seminar Series

In an exciting new initiative ISA PERFORMANCE announce a series of Junior Performance Seminars. The seminars are replacing the ISA Optimist Squads and ISA Topper Squad which have traditionally run from October to March. The change of tack does not affect summer activities which start after the ISA Pathway Nationals.

The seminars are primarily targeted at junior sailors from the Topper and Optimist classes and their coaches. There will also be sessions available to parents of sailors. Other applications may be considered.

There will be a minimum of 3 seminars over the winter and the topics will include but not be limited to Fitness, Psychology, Programme Design, Nutrition, Boat Transition, Olympic pathways.

The very clear switch to focussing on the education of young athletes means ISA Performance can widen the scope of how many athletes and coaches it can engage with over the course of the year. The Pathway has often been criticised for not being inclusive enough so this initiative will tackle that concern head on.

Given our limited resources we feel this approach will give a better return on investment while at the same time giving the pathway much more visibility across a wider base. ISA Performance will NOT be running the ISA Optimist Squad or the ISA Topper squad this winter. There is additional investment going into the ISA coaching programme and it is hoped this programme will help facilitate the clubs and classes take on the role of training over the winter period.

As always the ISA Pathway Nationals will be the key event in the domestic programme. We plan to invest more into the event and ISA Performance will continue to use this event to determine squads for the summer events.

First weekend scheduled is OCT 29th & 30th (venue TBC), DEC TBC & JAN TBC.

Applications will be open 7th to 14th October 2017. In the meantime save the dates. It is envisaged we would have between 20 and 30 places per class association.


Previously the ISA ran Optimist squad weekends of coaching – 15 – 16 sailors and Topper squad coaching weekends for 6-10 sailors, which was helping the sailing skills of a small number of young sailors. The major goal of the coaching has always been to be focused on performance, results and squad achievement. This level of expectation can cause extreme disappointment in that age group, which in turn can create a stall in effort after trials or a drop off of sailing interest. So we want to bring in more sailors and educate them in how to train properly to prevent injury through understanding their body physiology and how to keep learning and progress their skills. Along with nutritional advise for training and events, to ensure they perform consistently well, the importance of sleep and much more. All of these qualities will help them improve later in their sailing career.

The focus of all of this is education of the sailor.