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Time to take helm girls. 
Women everwhere are taking the helm of their powerboats - day trips, donuting, navigating, motor cruising, diving or go full out and start racing.

  Check out the ISA training centres for powerboat training. 
   Check out the ISA training centres for yachtmaster motor training.
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 Find out more about powerboat racing the P750's.
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Aileen Mann
Acting SI, Kinsale OEC

Proud to be a Powerboater

Currently I am the acting senior instructor at Kinsale OEC. I have been working in the outdoors for the past 15 years and living and working in Kinsale for the past 7 years. Over the years sailing has been my passion and in 2008 i sailed solo around Ireland to raise money for 3 different charities. I successfully raised just over €33,000. I absolutely love to sail both at work and in my free time but in Feb of this year i was introduced to thundercats. I instantly fell in love with the speed and the buzz from it. I had only been out once on a friends boat and then i decided the sport was for me and drove to England to purchase my very own thundercat. From there it has really been non stop. We are out on the water in the thundercats at every free moment and we can be seen driving around the outer harbour of kinsale on a regular basis. 

The thundercat gang are very friendly and supportive and i found that getting into the racing side was very easy as all the guys helped with information, training and advice and are always on the other end of the phone or facebook for any questions you might have. They are very keen to see more people get into the sport and make it a much larger spectator sport. There are now 6 women in the championship this year and 10 men which is great to see. 

 I never would have thought that i would be calling myself a powerboater but I am absolutely hooked on the sport and proud to say that i am a powerboater. If you would to like to get involved in the sport or even give it a go you can get in touch through the website. www.thundercatracing.ie .


Tessa Kingstons
Instructor, Kinsale OEC

Powerboating keeps me happy

My name is Tessa Kingston and i co-pilot with Aileen Mann for thundercat racing. I have worked with Aileen for the past three years as a sailing instructor in Kinsale Outdoor Education Centre. I have a huge interest in all sports from GAA to Tae Kwon Do and basketball and especially water sports. I'v always enjoyed sports and always try to get involved in everything. I still look for new sports that can offer more to me. Having been on the cork team for gaelic football, the irish team for Tae Kwon Do and sailed around ireland non-stop at the age of 16 for charity, I'm always eager to get involved in new things and when i was offered the position of co-piloting in this new exciting sport i jumped at the opportunity. I have only just been trained in and raced my first race recently, but i am already hooked. This sport involves new skills and is nothing like anything iv done before. I love doing anything out on the water and this is my newest thing to keep me happy - I have never learnt so much about engines either! The whole thundercat crowd have been very welcoming and cheerful. I find the whole organisation great fun and everyone has great spirit. It is defiantly a sport that i will be pursuing. 


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