Shorebased Navigation Courses

ISA Shorebased Navigation courses cover all of the skills and knowledge that you will need to plan and undertake any trip that you can imagine. These skills are best introduced in the relative comfort of an classroom where you have the opportunity to practice and master them before using them afloat. While these courses can be run over several full days many are run as evening classes over several months. The perfect way to use those long winter evenings.

There are 4 courses available.

Coastal Navigation for Small Boats

Suitable for sailors using open keelboats, dinghies and catamarans as well as powerboaters who are starting to go further afield.

Yachtmaster Coastal

For sailors and motorboaters who will be cruising on coastal passages around Ireland and our islands.

Yachtmaster Offshore

For those planning on cruising to Scotland, the South Coast of England or France and undertaking more extended offshore and overnight passages.

Yachtmaster Ocean

For those Offshore sailors who are now planning on escaping on their sail or motor yachts by crossing the Atlantic to the Canaries, Azores, Caribbean and beyond.

All courses are run to a syllabus and with standard ISA course materials being used all over Ireland. Courses will be lead by a trained and qualified ISA Instructors. Each course is carefully designed to provide you with all of the skills and confidence you need to get out on the water and to get the most out of your boating.

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