How do I become ISA Accredited?

1. The ISA Recognition Requirement 2012 booklet in conjunction with the ISA Centre Inspection Report Form sets out the requirements made of its Training Centres. You need to carefully read all of the relevant sections.

2. Having gone through the booklet you should have a good idea what we are looking for and what you would need to do to get there.  If you have any questions do contact the ISA Training Office.  At this stage it is sometimes helpful to arrange to visit your centre or meet elsewhere to discuss any issues further.  It is worth remembering that through all the stages we are committed to helping centres meet the requirements with the minimum of expense and effort.

3. Once you are happy that you can meet the ISA requirements you should complete the form “Application to become an ISA Training Centre” and send this to the ISA along with the appropriate recognition fee.  

4. We will then arrange for an ISA Inspector to come out and inspect your facility. This must be done while you are actually running a course of instruction.

5. On the successful completion of the inspection you will be awarded ISA recognition.

  • Recognition is based on the calendar year and is continuous unless withdrawn by the ISA
  • A list of current recognition and inspection charges is available from the ISA Office and on the website. These are payable annually at the time of your centre inspection or upon invoice.
  • There are additional detailed, leaflets and information available from the ISA office to assist you with specific problems.  In particular our “Policies & Procedures manual” will assist you in developing all of the required policies and procedures. 
  • Should you have any queries with regard to any of the information or want any other advice or assistance in the setting up of an ISA recognized centre contact ISA Training at 01 2710114 or
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