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Safeguarding 1 - Child Welfare & Protection Basic Awareness CourseAimed at anyone working with children and vulnerable adults in sport this course will develop your awareness of the principals of good practice when running sporting activities for children and of basic child protection protocols. This course is accredited and co-certified by the Irish Sports Council and so is valid for other sporting organisations..
Safeguarding 2 - Club Children's Officer (C.C.O.)This course will help the Club Children's Officer to carry out the function of their role in the club and support the implementation of best practice in the club. Participants will also receive a Club Children's Officer Action Planning document as pert of the training.
Safeguarding 3 - Designated Liaison Person (DLP)The Designated Liaison Person is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse to TULSA Child and Family Agency or Social Services (NI) and/or An Garda Siochán. It is recommended that this person is a senior club person. However, if there is difficulty identifying a separate individual to take this role, the Club Children's Officer can be appointed as Designated Liaison Person once the club/organisation is clear about the responsibilities of each role. The organisation's child protection policy and procedures should include the name and contact details of the Designated Liaison Person and the responsibilities attached to the role.

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