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Introduction to PowerboatingThis course provides a practical introduction to powerboats and is ideal for anyone who is new to powerboating or who will be crewing a powerboat.
National Powerboat CertificateThe "driving licence" of powerboating. This course provides all of the skills and knowledge required by anyone taking charge of a powerboat.
Recreational Powerboat CourseDeveloped for powerboaters with some experience who want to boost their skills, knowledge and confidence. This course will show you how to enjoy family daytrips, longer coastal passages and sports activities like water skiing.
Safety Boat CoursePrimarily aimed at instructors and racing clubs this course prepares you to escort and provide safety / rescue cover for fleets of dinghies, windsurfers and canoes taking part in training or racing activities and to assist in race management duties
Diveboat CoxswainInvolved in diving and keen to explore new dive sites? The dive boat coxswain course will provide you with all the skills required to get to and locate your dive site and then deploy and recover divers safely.

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