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Get up & Go!Get up + Go! allows you master all the skills necessary to experience the thrill of windsurfing in as short a time as possible.
Go!4itAs you Go4it! There are many skills which you can develop in order to enjoy windsurfing more, and in particular get the buzz from windsurfing in stronger winds. There are 15 individual skills based modules within Go4it! which lead you to these skills. As
Go! with StyleThese master class clinics are aimed at providing an environment for developing skills for windsurfing in stronger winds and more challenging wave conditions - as well as just feeling and looking good on your board.
Go! with Style (Wave Sailing)Surfs up! Open beaches and rolling swell? If this appeals to you then a master-class in wave riding will teach you front side and backside riding and top and bottom turns.
Go! with Style (Freestyle)Add another dimension to your windsurfing! Learn some freestyle moves in our Go! with Style (Freestyle) clinic. Body drags, forward loops, jumps and duck gybes are all within your reach!

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