Nomination System – 2008 Olympic Games

1. Objective

The objective of the Nomination System is to nominate to the Olympic Council of Ireland (“OCI”) for selection as members of the Irish team for the Olympic Games in China in 2008 (“2008 Olympics”) those Irish individual sailors and sailing teams (“Candidates”) who have sought nomination to the 2008 Olympics (and met the ISA requirements for nomination set out below) and who, in the opinion of the Olympic Steering Group (“OSG”) of the Irish Sailing Association (“ISA”), have demonstrated they are likely to have the best chance of success (defined as achieving a place in the top eight nations) at the 2008 Olympic Games and /or who show the best potential for success at the London Olympic Games in 2012. (the “Objective”).

2. Nomination Process & Criteria

The International Sailing Federation (“ISAF”) has announced that 75% of nation places for the 2008 Olympics will be allocated based on results achieved at the 2007 ISAF World Sailing Championships to be held in Cascais, Portugal during the summer of 2007 (“Cascais 2007”). The events for deciding the remaining 25% of nation places have not yet been announced, but are likely to be a single event for each class in the early months of 2008 (the “2008 Qualifier”).

Any nomination is subject to Ireland being allocated a place in the 2008 Olympics either through results achieved at Cascais 2007 or at the relevant 2008 Qualifier.

Any Candidate seeking nomination must undertake (and contract with the ISA to undertake) a training and competition programme (“Training Programme”) in the period leading up to the 2008 Olympics. Such Training Programme is to be approved by the OSG. Any breach or failure to follow the Training Programme may result in the Candidate becoming ineligible for nomination, or if nominated, may lead to the withdrawal of that nomination.

All nominations will be made by the board of directors of the ISA (the “Board”) based on the written recommendations received from the OSG. The Board will not be obliged to accept the recommendations of the OSG and shall be under no obligation to make any nominations if it so decides. It is the intention of the OSG to make its recommendations to the Board as soon as practicable after Cascais 2007 or, where appropriate, after the 2008 Qualifier, subject to the Nomination Process set out below.

The recommendations of the OSG shall be based on a review of the performance of each Candidate throughout their Training Programme and up to the date on which the recommendation is being made for a given class. The recommendations of the OSG shall not be based solely on the performance of each Candidate in the events selected as part of the Training Programme (“Nominated Events”) and, in determining its recommendations, the OSG reserves the right to consider whatever matters it deems appropriate and apply whatever weightings it deems appropriate to such matters.

It is intended that the Nominated Events, which will be specific to each class, will be notified to Candidates as soon as is reasonable after the 2007 and 2008 international sailing calendars have been published. The Nominated Events are likely to comprise up to four international events for each class in the period 1 January 2007 to 31 March 2008 (the “Nominated Events”). Additional events may be included as Nominated Events at the sole discretion of the OSG. Such additional events, to be included as Nominated Events, shall be advised to Candidates as soon as reasonably practicable.

3. Nomination Process

Any Candidate who finishes first, second or third in an ISAF designated 2006 or 2007 World Championship of a class selected for the 2008 Olympics will automatically be nominated for selection to the 2008 Olympics in that class, provided Ireland qualifies for an Olympic place in that class.

Otherwise, recommendations for nomination to the 2008 Olympics will be made by the OSG to the Board, which will then be responsible for making nominations to the
OCI. The proposed nominations to the OCI (“ISA Nominations”) shall be advised, in writing, to all Candidates as soon as is reasonably practicable following the decision of the Board.

The OSG will make its recommendations after receiving written reports and recommendations from the Olympic Coach and such other members of the ISA’s staff
(including external advisors and coaches to such staff) as it deems appropriate, such individuals being designated as “Coaching Staff”. The Coaching Staff will normally be non voting members of the OSG. The OSG will have the right to act on or overrule
these recommendations as it deems appropriate.

The Coaching Staff will base their recommendations on their opinion as to which sailors are most likely to meet the Objective. They will base their recommendations on factors such as the performance of the Candidate in the Nominated Events, the Candidates’ commitment to and active involvement in their Training Programme, their experience of Olympic sailing, their knowledge of the Olympic venue and the likely weather conditions to be experienced in the 2008 Olympics, their analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each Candidate. The Coaching Staff may seek opinions on the merits of each Candidate from any source they deem appropriate.

The OSG may make its recommendations to the Board at any time, but in any event as soon as practicable after Cascais 2007, the completion of the Nominated Events or
the 2008 Qualifier as appropriate. In any event, the Coaching Staff will submit their final reports to the OSG no later than 30 April 2008 in cases where nation
qualification has been achieved at Cascais 2007 and otherwise as soon as practible after completion of the 2008 Qualifier. The OSG intends to make its recommendations to the Board no later than 30 April 2008.

ISA Nominations made are subject to appeal as set out in 4 below, and no ISA Nominations shall be confirmed until the later of the expiry of the appeal period set out in 4 below and the completion and adjudication of the appeal, as appropriate.

4. Appeals

Appeals may be made where a Candidate has reasonable evidence that either the nomination procedure above has not been followed in any material respect, or where
they believe that the OSG recommendations were made in the absence of material information which might have influenced the recommendations of the OSG.

Appeals shall be made to the OSG, in writing, and supported with all necessary written evidence, within ten days of the notification to the Candidate of the ISA Nominations to the OCI. Appeals submitted after this date shall not be considered.

Appeals shall in the first instance be considered by the OSG, who may, on the basis of the appeal, either leave their recommendation stand, or change their recommendation. In both circumstances, the OSG shall forward the Appeal with its written observations
thereon, including its decision to change or maintain its recommendation, to the Board. The Board shall refer such Appeal to a Tribunal constituted in accordance with the ISA’s rules and procedures. In considering the Appeal, the Tribunal shall have primary regard to the Objective, and to the Nomination process outlined above.

Decisions of the ISA Tribunal shall be final. Nothing in this process shall interfere with a Candidate’s right of appeal to the OCI or to the Commission for Arbitration in Sport.

5. Paralympic Games

Procedures for selection for the Paralympic Games will be broadly in line with the above and will be published when the Paralympic events have been confirmed.

6. Wild Cards

The OSG will not accept ISAF or class Wild Card nominations in either the Olympic or Paralympic events.

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