AUTUMN Programme

Rather than leaving the Topaz fleets all stored up for the autumn we have put together a special package to give you the opportunity to utilise the fleets and try some initiatives.

  Topaz Autumn Rates
  Duration    Cost    Sample Programme 
  7 Days Use over 1 Month   €250 per month   4 Week Autumn School Sailing Course
  7 Day intensive   €200 per week   Mid - Week After School Sailing
  Weekend Only   €150 per Fri - Mon   Weekend Sailing Course
  4 Fleets Weekend   €600 Fri - Mon   Women on Water Fundraiser

This may allow your organisation to:

·         to encourage new membership or run an end of season membership drive
·         extend the sailing season for your members
·         run a fundraising event to raise awareness of a charity or part of a club funding campaign
·         try something new as a pilot programme which would be ran fully in 2014

Programmes that we would particularly encourage your club or centres to try this winter would be:

Women on the Water Sailing Programmes:

Women on the Water (WOW) OPEN DAYFor women ranging from complete beginners to experienced sailors all get together and go for a sail in flotilla or around the cans followed up by debrief slideshow and discuss what’s next finished with a lovely “Ladies Victorian Tea Party”...


For those women that have caught the bug for sailing and would like to take it to the next step. LwL can take the format of a normal ISA Sailing Course with official certification or just regular arrangement for women to meet and go sailing together.


A great slogan to catch the attention on and off the water! Used effectively for advertising famous all female crews in sailing all around the world, most notably “Maiden” in the Whitbread Ocean Race. Run it as a come n try session or taste of sailing course.

School Sailing Programmes:

Further Education & Training Awards Council              (FETAC )                Awards Scheme
National Council Vocational Awards                               (NCVA)                   Module
Junior Cycle Physical education Syllabus                      (JCPE)                   Guidelines
Junior Certificate School Programme                             (JCSP)                   Outline
Transition Year Programme                                              (TYP)                      Curriculum
Leaving Certificate Applied                                                (LCA)                      Overview
Youtreach                                                                              (YR)                         Statistics
The President’s Award                                                       (Gaisce)                 Activities
Schools Out Sailing                                                             (SOS)                     Programme
Cara na Mara                                                                        (CnM)                     Syllabus 

Self-Development Programmes:

Up skilling committee members – treat your junior committee to a sailing course so they may enjoy the sport their children have enjoyed all summer

Disadvantaged Groups – Open the days of your organisation to benefit groups in the local community that would not normally have access to sailing.

Unemployed / Volunteer Groups – use the fleets to advance staff or helpers or local organisations running courses to join in the Training Scheme     working toward becoming an instructor.

Disabled Sailing Programmes:

Soul Sailing Day - for promoting mental health – organise a bring a “friend for free” day

Sail in the Dark – Bring some blind sailors out sailing, link it to Mark Pollock’s Fundraising Site or integrate it into a 24hr Sponsored Sailathon

Sailienteering – For special needs groups use the Sailfleet to organise a treasure hunt / star orienteering event using the boats to navigate the course and find the treasure.

If you are interested in using the fleet or running any specialised programmes your local Regional Development Officer would be happy to help in anyway.

We can also link you up with your Local Sport Partnership who will be able to help with accessing target groups, promoting your event or advise on potential funding streams for development of future programmes.



Sailfleet Logistics

To facilitate the autumn programme the Fleets shall be located in the following regions for collection and return:

·         Leinster 
·         Munster
·         Connaught  
·         Midlands  

It is the responsibility of each user to collect and return the fleets as required. The ISA will facilitate transportation when possible for the usual fee (see terms and conditions).

Where 4 fleets are required the organising authority will have to collect and return the fleets from their nearest provincial storage area.

The fleet is ready so what are you waiting for – finish the season by trying something new….

Your local RDO is:

Gail MacAllister    Email:

Ciarán Murphy   Email:

Download the Sailfleet Topaz AUTUMN Terms and Conditions 414kb
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