Affiliation Categories: What’s the difference?

ISA Clubs

ISA Clubs are constituted clubs in the Republic of Ireland, with open membership, which are engaged in the organisation of sailing and/or leisure boating activities for their members. All ISA Clubs affiliate as a Club, unless at the discretion of the ISA Board of Directors they affiliate as a National Organisation or Local Organisation. All members of Clubs are automatically individual members of the ISA. Cat 1 Club Benefits.

National Organisations

A National Organisation is a club, association or similar body that is committed to working with the ISA on a nationwide basis, to promote sailing and/or boating activities for specific strategic interest groups at national level.  Cat 2 Benefits.

Local Organisations

Local Organisations are associations, companies, schools, committees, societies or incorporated bodies, which have as one of their objects the organising, co-ordinating or teaching of sailing and/or leisure boating for people who may, or may not be members of a Club. Clubs located outside the Republic also affiliate as Local Organisations.  Cat 3 Benefits.

Local Organisation Developing Clubs
A club applying to affiliate as a Club but does not meet the criteria outlined above, may be approved as a Local Organisation. In this case they will be referred to as a ‘Local Organisation Developing Club’. 
Local Organisation Developing Clubs are clubs that are aspiring to become a Club but do not currently meet the criteria. The ISA will work alongside those clubs to help them meet the criteria to form an ISA Club. 
Local Organisation Developing Clubs may organize events under the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, and/or UIM Powerboat Racing Rules, however members of Local Organisation Developing Clubs who wish to race or avail of other ISA membership benefits, will need to sign up for Direct ISA Personal Membership. 
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