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The course is designed to lead you through your very first sailing course as an ISA Otter, ISA Seal, ISA Dolphin or ISA Orca, and, as an interactive course, encourages you to be responsible for your own learning. Each course in the programme is made up of a series of games, tasks, activities and experiments that will help you discover, explore and practise the skills and knowledge you need, with the help of an ISA Instructor.

The programme covers the essential sailing skills needed for you to become competent, independent sailors and also includes a strong emphasis on the skills & knowledge that will allow you to appreciate and enjoy the water & outdoor environment.

Where do I fit in?

Depending on your age and which group  your friends are joining you may choose to be an Otter, Seal, Dolphin or an Orca

This diagram below shows each group and their ages:


This course will lead you through your very first sailing course as an ISA Otter, ISA Seal, ISA Dolphin or ISA Orca and, through games, activities, facts and tasks, will help you to observe, explore, learn and record your experience.



What will I learn/be doing?

  With the help of your Instructor and the workbook
you will learn to sail as well as discover and explore
the environment around you

Your Instructor will help you to have lots of fun
discovering how to sail.
 Otters 6 - 8 years
  Seals 7-9 years

   Dolphins 8-10 years    Orcas 9-11 years
As a Dolphin you will learn all the
skills and knowledge to sail in
windier conditions with more
As an Orca you will learn all of the
skills and knowledge you need to sail
in windier conditions.  You will also
learn more about Irish marine wildlife
as well as planning and taking part in
an expedition

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