28 November 2015

Sailing Courses

Are you between 7 and 11?

Have you ever tried sailing before?

Have you tried sailing and want to continue? 



Cara na Mara provides a child centred approach to introducing children to sailing and the marine environment.

The programme allows children to discover, explore and practice the skills and knowledge they will need as sailors while under the leadership and supervision of ISA Instructors within an ISA accredited Training Centre.

While it does cover the essential sailing skills needed the programme has a strong emphasis on skills & knowledge that will allow the sailors to appreciate & enjoy the water and outdoor environment safely.  These skills and knowledge tie into the National School curriculum.

The programme interfaces with the ISA Small Boats Sailing Scheme allowing Orcas to move onto ISA Improving Skills as their next step / course.

Recommended ages

Otters 7 years
Seals 8 years
Dolphins 9 years
Orcas 10 years
Improving Skills 11 years

Previous knowledge or experience
Sailors entering onto Otters are not expected to have any previous knowledge or experience.  Sailors entering onto the other courses need to have demonstrated the competencies included in the previous levels.


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