Laser Radial Programme

Here are the dates for the Spring 2014

Feb 15th – 19th    camp in Schull


March 8th – 9th


March 29th – 30th


April 5th – 6th


Venue for Leinster:  Howth

Venue for Munster:  Kinsale


An emphasis will be on creating an efficient training group to prepare sailors for sailing in overseas competition and the possibility to move to ISA national squads i.e ISA 4.7 Squad. Many clubs are now taking on the responsibility of club coaching this winter to apply appropriate training to its competitive members. With a reduced size of each regional squad coaches will be able to focus on a number of elements more effectively, such as boat handling, boat speed, boat set up etc… Selected sailors will be informed shortly of squad places.

A limited number of places are available on the Leinster and Munster Squads. Selection will be based according to the selection document.

Regional Squad – Sample Training Programme

A high level of importance is to be given to the training culture and professionalism of the sailors in order to improve the overall work ethic and attitude of youth sailing in Ireland. Coaches are therefore to lead by example in this regard. Coaches are also requested to encourage sailors to bring note books and pens to training sessions.

It is also extremely valuable if coaches guide sailors towards the appropriate class for each sailor’s given size in order to maximise each sailor’s long term potential.

Session 1: Training (Weekend)

First Morning:

-       Boat Preparation. Ropes, toe straps, centre board holes etc…

-       Coach to bring drill and bits where possible.


 - Emphasis on Boat Handling (Tack and Gybe).

Coaches allowed discretion to create plan for sailors 2 day camp.

Session 2: Boat handling (Mid Term Training)

Emphasis on Boathandling Excercises.

Afternoon talk on Self Preparation (clothing) and Boat Preparation

-       Punctuality

-       Professionalism

-       Work Ethic

-       Having Boat Prepared day before sessions

-       Attitude

Session 3: Boatspeed & Fitness (Weekend)

Refresh elements from previous sessions.

Emphasis on selection from below

-       Upwind

-       Downwind

-       What makes the boat go fast

-       Boat feel

-       Kinetics

-       Tuning

Afternoon talk on Fitness for sailing

Session 4: Boat Handling / Speed / Racing (Weekend)

Refresh on Boathandling Exercises.

Emphasis on Speed and Racing Strategy from selected elements below

-       Boat Speed

-       Technique

-       Line Position

-       Acceleration

-       First beat

-       Compass Work

-       Windward Approach etc….

-       Inclusion of medal race again in training





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