This page displays the current valid ECHO Standards and IRC TCC Ratings as issued by the ISA Racing Dept to date.
A boat which is not listed shall not be scored in a race under ECHO or IRC handicap systems.
This list of boats and their ratings shall not be used to give a boat not listed a handicap in any race.
The letter ‘E’ after an IRC TCC indicates that the boat’s IRC certificate is ‘Endorsed’.

Sail NumberBoat NameModelECHO StdECHO DateIRC TCCEndorsedIRCCertDateMain Club
IRL3651AislingDufour 3650.94015/01/20150.943 27/01/2015Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL8188Alliance IILaser 280.89512/01/20150.895 E26/01/2015Howth Yacht Club
IRL356AphroditeFirst 320.91014/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Association
IRL1281AquelinaJ1221.08520/01/20151.083 E27/01/2015Arklow Sailing Club
IRL549ArtemisPegasus 8000.76519/01/2015   Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
IRL2170Billy WhizzFirst 2110.84013/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL3471Black VelvetFirst 34.71.00022/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL96951Blues XtraX 3020.94013/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
IRL8069CacciatoreSonata OD0.82015/01/20150.822 E27/01/2015National Yacht Club
GBR4421CalypsoSigma 33OD0.91519/01/2015   Monkstown Bay Sailing Club
IRL152ChameleonFastnet 340.89026/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
IRL2016Checkmate XVMG30HS0.94508/01/20150.944 E20/01/2015Howth Yacht Club
IRL898CheyenneHighlander0.86526/01/2015   Malahide Yacht Club
FRA17793ChinookFirst 300 Spirit0.95013/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Club
IRL3503ConundrumHanse 3500.96522/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
ITA8709CriCriJezequel 1160.90512/01/20150.905 E26/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL487Dis-A-RayDehler 340.93029/01/2015   Foynes Yacht Club
IRL988DuxX 3020.93020/01/20150.929 E27/01/2015Howth Yacht Club
IRL1166Eden ParkSun Odyssey 36i0.98526/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL1386Eezee TigerFirst 21.70.84013/01/2015   National Yacht Club
IRL4001ElanticElan 401.03013/01/20151.030 E26/01/2015Arklow Sailing Club
IRL1388EndeavourOceanis 410.97020/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL3209EndgameA 351.03020/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL2406ExpressionSunlight 300.86528/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL6909Extreme RealityFirst 31.70.95006/01/20150.951 E20/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL4477FreyaX 4421.09015/01/20151.090 E27/01/2015Kinsale Yacht Club
IRL7156Gaelic KiwiGK 24 FR0.85520/01/20150.854 E27/01/2015Cove Sailing Club
IRL4475GodotDufour 44 DD1.09515/01/20151.093 E27/01/2015Kinsale Yacht Club
IRL7778GringoA 351.02512/01/20151.023 E26/01/2015National Yacht Club
IRL216Gung-HoSuper Seal0.86013/01/20150.860 E26/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL4794Hard on PortJ240.88515/01/20150.887 E27/01/2015Royal St George Yacht Club
IRL1772Heroes & VillainsCORK 17201.02022/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL9898IndecisionJ1091.01513/01/20151.012 E27/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL3339IndulgenceElan 3330.96507/01/20150.972 E22/01/2015Howth Yacht Club
IRL6404IsoldeFirst 21.70.86520/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
SM99JasmineStorm 330.92526/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Association
IRL1438Jet DreamJ1051.01006/01/20151.008 E20/01/2015Mayo Sailing Club
IRL4252JibeJ240.88029/01/2015   Tralee Bay Sailing Club
IRL8151Jokers WildFirst 32s50.92522/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
IRL2007Jump JuiceKer 36.71.10519/01/20151.104 E27/01/2015Royal Cork Yacht Club
IRL3506Just JasminBavaria 351.00513/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL2067JustusJ1091.01522/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
IRL3204KatieSun Odyssey 320.92028/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
IRL5470Lee Na MaraArpege Mk 20.85014/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
808Leilah MaeHunter 190.78513/01/2015   Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
IRL3107LevanteFirst 31.70.95526/01/2015   National Yacht Club
IRL1033Loch GreineHanse 3110.93012/01/20150.927 E26/01/2015Royal Cork Yacht Club
11MarandaSenator 220.81512/01/20150.813 E26/01/2015Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
IRL4439MuskateerSigma 330.91012/01/20150.913 E26/01/2015Cove Sailing Club
IRL4004Objection!Sun Odyssey 350.95522/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
IRL2855PamafeFirst 2850.88014/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL828PlaytimeFormula 280.91513/01/2015   Tralee Bay Sailing Club
IRL4206Powder MonkeySigma 330.91021/01/2015   Tralee Bay Sailing Club
IRL1565ProspectFirst 31.70.96014/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
IRL3300PyxisElan 3330.98015/01/2015   Malahide Yacht Club
IRL508QuestHumphreys 1/4 Ton0.90520/01/20150.906 E27/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL109RagtimeGK 24 M H0.82028/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
IRL811RaptorMills 30 CR1.02026/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL1157RénuaScanmar 350.92521/01/2015   Cove Sailing Club
IRL246SakiNicholson 310.85013/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
K4267ShowtimeSigma 33OOD0.91020/01/20150.913 E27/01/2015Wicklow Sailing Club
IRL4170Slack AliceGK 340.95020/01/20150.949 E27/01/2015Waterford Harbour Sailing Club
IRL4760Small FryMGC 270.89514/01/2015   National Yacht Club
IRL7007Small WonderFirst 2110.84015/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL1759SurfdancerElan 3330.97007/01/20150.971 E20/01/2015Iniscealtra Sailing Club
IRL5013Sweet MartiniSHE 310.83513/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
IRL1237TealSun Odyssey 350.95522/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
IRL1202Thar SaileSun Odyssey 350.95514/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
IRL5522The Big PictureMG HS 300.94022/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
GBR1411TToughnutMG 3350.94520/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
K4351TWaderBavaria 320 Sportline0.92015/01/2015   Cove Sailing Club
IRL37737WindshiftSunfast 370.98026/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
IRL5821WitchcraftOyster 260.85013/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Association
IRL1656Witzend 2First 27.70.95015/01/20150.953 E27/01/2015Royal St George Yacht Club
IRL4208WowFarr 421.12515/01/20151.124 E27/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
IRL7066X-RatedX 3320.98012/01/20150.978 E26/01/2015Mayo Sailing Club
GBR7028NYehaaHunter 7070.91527/01/20150.916 E27/01/2015ISA
IRL4541YoshiSweden Yacht 451.08019/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club

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