This page displays the current valid ECHO Standards and IRC TCC Ratings as issued by the ISA Racing Dept to date.
A boat which is not listed shall not be scored in a race under ECHO or IRC handicap systems.
This list of boats and their ratings shall not be used to give a boat not listed a handicap in any race.
The letter ‘E’ after an IRC TCC indicates that the boat’s IRC certificate is ‘Endorsed’.

Boat NameSail NumberECHO StdECHO DateIRC TCCEndorsedIRCCertDateMain Club
AislingIRL36510.94015/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
Alliance IIIRL81880.89512/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
AphroditeIRL3560.91014/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Association
AquelinaIRL12811.08520/01/2015   Arklow Sailing Club
ArtemisIRL5490.76519/01/2015   Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
Billy WhizzIRL21700.84013/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
Black VelvetIRL34711.00022/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
Blues XtraIRL969510.94013/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
CacciatoreIRL80690.82015/01/2015   National Yacht Club
CalypsoGBR44210.91519/01/2015   Monkstown Bay Sailing Club
Checkmate XVIRL20160.94508/01/20150.944 E20/01/2015Howth Yacht Club
ChinookFRA177930.95013/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Club
ConundrumIRL35030.96522/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
CriCriITA87090.90512/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
DuxIRL9880.93020/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
Eezee TigerIRL13860.84013/01/2015   National Yacht Club
ElanticIRL40011.03013/01/2015   Arklow Sailing Club
EndeavourIRL13880.97020/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
EndgameIRL32091.03020/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
Extreme RealityIRL69090.95006/01/20150.951 E20/01/2015Royal Irish Yacht Club
FreyaIRL44771.09015/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
Gaelic KiwiIRL71560.85520/01/2015   Cove Sailing Club
GodotIRL44751.09515/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
GringoIRL77781.02512/01/2015   National Yacht Club
Gung-HoIRL2160.86013/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
Hard on PortIRL47940.88515/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
Heroes & VillainsIRL17721.02022/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
IndecisionIRL98981.01513/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
IndulgenceIRL33390.96507/01/20150.972 E22/01/2015Howth Yacht Club
IsoldeIRL64040.86520/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
Jet DreamIRL14381.01006/01/20151.008 E20/01/2015Mayo Sailing Club
Jokers WildIRL81510.92522/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
Jump JuiceIRL20071.10519/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
Just JasminIRL35061.00513/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
JustusIRL20671.01522/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
Lee Na MaraIRL54700.85014/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
Leilah Mae8080.78513/01/2015   Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
Loch GreineIRL10330.93012/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club
Maranda110.81512/01/2015   Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club
MuskateerIRL44390.91012/01/2015   Cove Sailing Club
Objection!IRL40040.95522/01/2015   Kinsale Yacht Club
PamafeIRL28550.88014/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
PlaytimeIRL8280.91513/01/2015   Tralee Bay Sailing Club
Powder MonkeyIRL42060.91021/01/2015   Tralee Bay Sailing Club
ProspectIRL15650.96014/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
PyxisIRL33000.98015/01/2015   Malahide Yacht Club
QuestIRL5080.90520/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
RénuaIRL11570.92521/01/2015   Cove Sailing Club
SakiIRL2460.85013/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
ShowtimeK42670.91020/01/2015   Wicklow Sailing Club
Slack AliceIRL41700.95020/01/2015   Waterford Harbour Sailing Club
Small FryIRL47600.89514/01/2015   National Yacht Club
Small WonderIRL70070.84015/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
SurfdancerIRL17590.97007/01/20150.971 E20/01/2015Iniscealtra Sailing Club
Sweet MartiniIRL50130.83513/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
TealIRL12370.95522/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
Thar SaileIRL12020.95514/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
The Big PictureIRL55220.94022/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
ToughnutGBR1411T0.94520/01/2015   Howth Yacht Club
WaderK4351T0.92015/01/2015   Cove Sailing Club
WitchcraftIRL58210.85013/01/2015   Schull Harbour Sailing Association
Witzend 2IRL16560.95015/01/2015   Royal St George Yacht Club
WowIRL42081.12515/01/2015   Royal Irish Yacht Club
X-RatedIRL70660.98012/01/2015   Mayo Sailing Club
YoshiIRL45411.08019/01/2015   Royal Cork Yacht Club

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