Current valid ECHO Standards and IRC TCC Ratings as issued by the ISA Racing Dept to date.
- A boat which is not listed shall not be scored in a race under ECHO or IRC handicap systems.
- This list of boats and their ratings shall not be used to give a boat not listed a handicap in any race.
- The letter ‘E’ after an IRC TCC indicates that the boat’s IRC certificate is ‘Endorsed’.
The details published below are correct to the best of our knowledge.  If any details are incorrect please notify 

Sail NumberBoat NameModelOwnerMain ClubECHO StdIRC TCCEIRCCertDate
IRL14313 CheersElan 31Flor RiordanSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.9450.944 E18/06/2015
GBR7028N7Hunter 707Austin WhelanISA0.9150.918 E01/06/2015
IRL4250Act TwoDufour 425 GL 2.10Michael O'LearyRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0051.005 09/02/2015
IRL9631AdelieFirst 34.7Peter HallNational Yacht Club1.0001.002 E13/04/2015
IRL1348AdrenalinArchambault A 35Joseph McDonaldNational Yacht Club1.0251.027 E22/04/2015
IRL1797After MidnightCork 1720Aodhan FitzgeraldGalway Bay Sailing Club1.0201.020 07/07/2015
IRL3202Afternoon DelightSun Odyssey 32Michael BennettNational Yacht Club0.920   
IRL6711AilleachtMaxi 1100Denis BuckleyKinsale Yacht Club0.990   
609CAirwaveRuffian 23Kyra MulleeMayo Sailing Club0.835   
IRL1946AishaDufour 40 PerfKevin LaneRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0451.038 E29/09/2015
IRL3651AislingDufour 365Bryan HeffernanRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9400.943 27/01/2015
IRL3435AlbireoSwan 371David A SimpsonRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9400.939 E13/04/2015
IRL29777AlchimisteJ.P.K. 9.60 1.95 MODMike MurphyWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.9950.998 E23/06/2015
IRL8188Alliance IILaser 28Vincent GaffneyHowth Yacht Club0.8950.895 E26/01/2015
IRL2506AlpacaCorby 25Paul TingleRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9350.931 E12/05/2015
IRL1517Alphida of HowthSunrise 34Harry ByrneHowth Yacht Club0.9500.950 E30/03/2015
IRL1966Amazing GraceOyster 37Brian O'SullivanTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9300.936 E13/08/2015
IRL1331Amazone 11Sun Odyssey 42Bernard BarkerHowth Yacht Club0.975   
IRL3087Anchor ChallengeQuarter Ton FarrPaul GibbonsRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9150.918 E16/06/2015
IRL1805AniuSun Odyssey 32George KaarKinsale Yacht Club0.920   
IRL1182Ann AgainBavaria 42Brian CudmoreRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.015   
IRL1093AnnabellaSweden 45Peter BoylanRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.080   
IRL13611AntixX 99Derek RyanRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9750.976 E05/05/2015
USA1253AntixKer 40 2.60 Mod (keel)Anthony O'LearyRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.2101.210 E06/08/2015
IRL17200Antix BeagCork 1720 Cruiser ModSeamus FarrellMullaghmore Sailing Club1.0000.998 E12/05/2015
IRL4003AoifeOceanis 350John O'MahonySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.925   
IRL356AphroditeFirst 32Edmund KrugelSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.910   
IRL1281AquelinaJ/122James S TyrrellArklow Sailing Club1.0851.078 E12/05/2015
IRL1022AramisContessa 33Pat VaughanRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9300.929 E13/04/2015
B38Arctic FoxBavaria 38Fred McCollumHowth Yacht Club0.980   
IRL1343ArcturusSun Odyssey 37Peter McCabeHowth Yacht Club0.945   
IRL3207ArisSunfast 3200Dennis O'SullivanSchull Harbour Sailing Club1.0000.998 E03/03/2015
IRL549ArtemisPegasus 800John GilesDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.765   
7006AshantaThompson T-31Thomas McCarthyISA0.8400.832 23/07/2015
8245NAsterixSonata ODJohn CounihanDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.8200.823 E24/02/2015
IRL7317AttitudeFirst 31.7John SugarsRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.950   
IRL35950AureliaJ/122Chris Power SmithRoyal St George Yacht Club1.0851.077 E16/02/2015
IRL7380AuroraFirst 42s7 M/HRay ConwayNational Yacht Club1.050   
IRL1041AvalonFirst 31.7Roger ConanRoyal St George Yacht Club0.950   
IRL6570Away on BusinessFormula 28Brendan RyanCove Sailing Club0.9050.907 E01/06/2015
IRL1472BaccaratDufour 40 Brian McCarthyKinsale Yacht Club1.0301.029 16/03/2015
IRL16859Bad CompanySunfast 32Frank DesmondRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9350.935 E12/03/2015
IRL1404Baily IIHarmony 38Tom FitzpatrickHowth Yacht Club0.9500.952 05/06/2015
IRL779BaldoyleShipman 28Michael BranaganHowth Yacht Club0.850   
IRL1471BamSunfast 3600Conor FogertyHowth Yacht Club1.0451.046 E16/06/2015
GBR9612BambiImpala 28 I/B 1.78Richard HardingNational Yacht Club0.8850.888 23/06/2015
IRL2848Bandersnatch of HowthSwan 37Kyran O'GradyHowth Yacht Club0.940   
IRL2611BanditBolero (Mod)Kieran O'ConnellRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8800.880 E12/03/2015
IRL5147BattleGolden ShamrockDónal McCormackFoynes Yacht Club0.8750.877 E07/07/2015
IRL1378Beaufort VentureElan 36Derek DuffyISA0.9900.992 E30/04/2015
IRL521BendemeerFirst 325Denis PowerRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9250.926 E12/02/2015
GBR7712TBene BebeFirst 210Colin R MoreheadRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.840   
IRL3492Big DealDehler 34Derek DillonFoynes Yacht Club0.9300.922 E12/05/2015
IRL2170Billy WhizzFirst 211Pat ShannonRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.840   
3335CBite the BulletElan 333Colm BerminghamHowth Yacht Club0.9650.971 E30/03/2015
IRL5795Black SheepMustang Mk2William DespardNational Yacht Club0.9150.922 E30/04/2015
IRL3471Black VelvetFirst 34.7Leslie ParnellRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0000.987 E03/03/2015
IRL9849Blue EyesElan 340Colm BuckleyHowth Yacht Club0.9850.987 E12/05/2015
1614Blue JayJ/24Brian McDowellMalahide Yacht Club0.885   
IRL4963Blue MoonImpression 344Andrew ClarkeKinsale Yacht Club0.895   
IRL4349Blue PeregrineSigma 33 1.83Richard LordRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9000.899 E05/05/2015
IRL6662Bluefin TwoFirst 31.7 Michael BrysonNational Yacht Club0.950   
IRL96951Blues XtraX 302Micheal CarrollHowth Yacht Club0.930   
IRL1574BomboraFirst 285Liam AllisterCove Sailing Club0.880   
GBR8933RBon ExempleXP 33 1.90Colin ByrneRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0151.021 E04/06/2015
IRL9515BonanzaImpala 28oodJudy McGrathRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8900.888 E30/03/2015
IRL2112BoojumSigma 33 1.83David BuckleyTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9100.908 E05/05/2015
IRL1367BoomerangFirst 36.7Paul KirwanNational Yacht Club1.0000.999 E16/03/2015
IRL9311BorraineAphrodite 101Ean PughRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.920   
IRL3400Brazen HussyDufour 34 PerformanceMichael StirlingHowth Yacht Club0.9600.949 E05/05/2015
IRL5665Brazen HuzieEM 30 HuzzarTadgh DwyerSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.935   
IRL9033BushwakkaCorby 25Vincent O'SheaMalahide Yacht Club0.9350.931 E12/05/2015
IRL7209BusterBolero (Mod)Patrick HigginbothamMalahide Yacht Club0.8650.861 E11/05/2015
IRL8069CacciatoreSonata ODMairead Ni CheallachainNational Yacht Club0.8200.822 E27/01/2015
IRL2912CaleroSun Odyssey 32iRay BoweKinsale Yacht Club0.920   
GBR4421CalypsoSigma 33oodJohn McCarthyMonkstown Bay Sailing Club0.910   
IRL5643CalypsoOceanis 361Howard KnottRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9300.928 03/03/2015
IRL1208CapilanoFirst 211Séamus StoranRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.840   
FRA9186CartoonQuarter Ton FaurouxKen LawlessRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9000.898 E22/04/2015
IRL1193CatalpaFirst 31.7Dermot NashRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.950   
IRL3861CavatinaGranada 38Ian HickeyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9200.924 E03/03/2015
IRL956C'est La VieFirst 31.7Riona FlannellyHowth Yacht Club0.9500.951 E05/05/2015
IRL932CevantesContessa 32Paul ConwayRoyal St George Yacht Club0.8750.870 E23/03/2015
IRL6556ChallengerEurope ChallengerPaul RossiterHowth Yacht Club0.845   
IRL152ChameleonFastnet 34Padraig O'DonovanKinsale Yacht Club0.8900.893 E03/02/2015
IRL1583ChancerElan 40Michael CarrollKinsale Yacht Club1.0301.025 E03/03/2015
IRL8331ChangelingSigma 38Kieran JamesonHowth Yacht Club0.9850.977 E23/06/2015
5934YChanteuseMelodyJohn DoyleCove Sailing Club0.900   
397Chase MeFulmar Bilge KeelJohn RaughterBray Sailing Club0.855   
IRL4422ChatterboxOceanis 331Martin LaneSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.930   
IRL2016Checkmate XVMG HS30David CullenHowth Yacht Club0.9450.944 E13/04/2015
IRL898CheyenneHighlanderVincent LundyMalahide Yacht Club0.865   
MAS320Chilli PadiSJ 320James EyreLough Swilly Yacht Club0.970   
IRL2121ChinookFirst 211Andrew BradleyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.840   
FRA17793ChinookFirst 300 SpiritFrank O'HaraSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.950   
IRL1689ChouskikouFirst 28Alan JonesGreystones Sailing Club0.870   
IRL6006Cimarron VIOceanis 423David O'SullivanKinsale Yacht Club1.010   
IRL1173CirrusElan 31Gerard CampbellKinsale Yacht Club0.9450.942 E13/04/2015
IRL1173Cirrus (SH)Elan 31Gerard CampbellKinsale Yacht Club0.9450.933 E13/04/2015
IRL1340CogarElan 340Killian HalpinHowth Yacht Club0.985   
IRL4601CoirinX-46Finn LydenRoyal St George Yacht Club1.150   
IRL3503ConundrumHanse 350Michael PomeroyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9650.961 E03/02/2015
ESP2655CortegadoHalf Ton AndrieuAidan KneeshawCove Sailing Club0.9450.945 14/07/2015
IRL2501CrackerTrapper T250Denis ByrneThe Royal Western Yacht Club of Ireland0.8400.837 E16/02/2015
IRL4533Crazy HorseJ/24Brian ReillySligo Yacht Club0.8850.887 E16/06/2015
IRL2004Crazy HorseFirst 31.7 Frank HeathRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.950   
IRL9852Crazy HorseSliim 37Norbert ReillyHowth Yacht Club1.0851.083 E12/05/2015
ITA8709CriCriJezequel 116 1/4 tonPaul ColtonRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9050.905 E26/01/2015
IRL5315Cries of PassionJ/24Bryan MaguireRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.8850.887 E30/04/2015
IRL3062CrozzElan 31Gerry DalyMayo Sailing Club0.9450.942 E07/07/2015
IRL1095Dear PrudenceJ/109Philip Barry LyonsRoyal St George Yacht Club1.0151.021 E27/04/2015
IRL9613DeboahImpala 28oodMartin HargroveKinsale Yacht Club0.890   
IRL29048Deep ThoughtSadler 290Jochen WenskiHowth Yacht Club0.865   
IRL7305DelosFirst 305David CullinaneKinsale Yacht Club0.895   
1900CDelta BluesDelta 25 F/KJohn O'KaneMoville Boat Club0.845   
IRL100DemelzaClub ShamrockSteffi EnnisHowth Yacht Club0.8750.887 05/05/2015
IRL1397Desert StarSunfast 37Ronan O'SiochruDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.9800.970 E09/06/2015
IRL3323DexterityX 332Alan McEneffFoynes Yacht Club0.9800.976 E01/06/2015
IRL487Dis-A-RayDehler 34Raymond McGibneyFoynes Yacht Club0.9300.928 E03/02/2015
ITA10767Don GiovanniMini TonCillian Macken Howth Yacht Club0.8800.877 E12/02/2015
IRL647Dovita of CollaSymphonieKevin MurraySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.910   
IRL2653DragonflyRonautica RO265Alo McGoldrickPoolbeg Yacht, Boat Club & Marina0.880   
IRL8828Drama QueenElan 31Karen SleatLough Swilly Yacht Club0.9450.937 E03/03/2015
IRL3931DreamcatcherOceanis 393Frank MurphySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.965   
IRL1007DruigínFirst 260 SpiritKen O'TooleArklow Sailing Club0.895   
IRL3376DrumfireKings Cruiser 33Brian NolanISA0.890   
IRL988DuxX 302Anthony Gore GrimesHowth Yacht Club0.9300.929 E27/01/2015
IRL1433EblanaEclipse 33Roger AplinRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.870   
IRL1166Eden ParkSun Odyssey 36iLiam FarmerRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9850.985 03/02/2015
IRL1386Eezee TigerFirst 21.7Paraic BourkeNational Yacht Club0.840   
IRL607Effex IIFirst 35s5Frank FrielRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.960   
IRL4536ElandraSigma 33oodRalph HanceNational Yacht Club0.910   
IRL4001ElanticElan 40Lance AllenArklow Sailing Club1.0301.030 E26/01/2015
IRL35EleintTrapper 300Michal MatulkaDublin Bay Sailing Club0.830   
IRL8598ElixirX 372 M/HPatrick AylwardMayo Sailing Club0.975   
IRL6021EllidaX 332Maria LydenRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9800.981 E11/05/2015
IRL1476Emir MaryOceanis 38Liam ShanahanNational Yacht Club1.005   
GBR4368EnchantressSigma 33oodKevin BonnerNational Yacht Club0.9100.913 E02/04/2015
IRL8407EncoreFirst 40.7Dermot CroninMalahide Yacht Club1.0551.043 E06/10/2015
IRL8407Encore (SH)First 40.7Dermot CroninMalahide Yacht Club1.0551.046 E06/10/2015
IRL1388EndeavourOceanis 41Denise PhelanRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.970   
IRL3209EndgameArchambault A 35Frank DoyleRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0251.027 E31/03/2015
IRL1452EnyaMoody 34Michael WalshMayo Sailing Club0.925   
IRL6695EosX 362 SportCian McCarthyKinsale Yacht Club1.0301.005 E11/05/2015
IRL1332EquinoxX 332Emma McDonaldHowth Yacht Club0.9800.981 E26/05/2015
IRL151EscapadeEygthene 24Una O'DwyerRoyal St George Yacht Club0.830   
IRL3737ExcaliburSun Odyssey 37John MurphyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.945   
GIB171ExhaleX-43Derry GoodRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.080   
IRL8991ExhaleX 362 SportDerry GoodRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0301.008 E01/06/2015
IRL2406ExpressionSunlight 30William DuaneRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8650.866 03/02/2015
IRL6909Extreme RealityFirst 31.7Paddy McSwineyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9500.951 E20/01/2015
IRL9615Fast BuckImpala 28oodJohn MurphyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8900.889 E16/03/2015
IRL5317Fiddly BitsFirst 31.7Bill QuigleyNational Yacht Club0.950   
IRL8581First of SeptemberFirst 435 D/KJerry WhistonPoolbeg Yacht, Boat Club & Marina1.0101.003 E11/05/2015
IRL4402FizzBavaria 44Ciaran GeogheganDungarvan Harbour Sailing Club1.0351.034 E14/07/2015
IRL6998FlashFormula 28 Brian FlahiveWicklow Sailing Club0.9050.907 E11/05/2015
IRL3470FlashbackFirst 34.7Don BreenHowth Yacht Club1.0000.988 E27/04/2015
IRL4571FlyoverSigma 33oodDavid MarchantWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.9100.913 E03/03/2015
IRL3061Fools GoldArchambault A 35Robert McConnellWaterford Harbour Sailing Club1.0251.027 E12/02/2015
IRL5115Force FiveElan 31Richard McAllisterHowth Yacht Club0.9450.945 22/04/2015
IRL1315FortitudineHanse 315David ClarkeRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.945   
GBR2620LFox in SoxX 34Andrew JonesRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0001.001 E22/04/2015
IRL4477FreyaX 442Conor DoyleKinsale Yacht Club1.0901.090 E27/01/2015
IRL3566FrolixX 312Noreen TigheRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.920   
FR14Fulmar FeverFulmar Robert MarchantWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.8750.858 09/09/2015
IRL2552FusionCorby 25Richard ColwellHowth Yacht Club0.9350.935 E09/02/2015
IRL7156Gaelic KiwiGK 24 F/RKevin O'ConnorCove Sailing Club0.8400.854 E27/01/2015
IRL3671GalileoFirst 36.7Dan CounihanTralee Bay Sailing Club1.0000.998 E01/06/2015
IRL1944GalileoFirst 47.7 2.30Desmond KelliherRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0801.080 E23/06/2015
IRL1079GastonSun Odyssey 29.2Robert A MaguireHowth Yacht Club0.895   
IRL5032GeminiSun Odyssey 32Gerard O'GradyISA0.920   
IRL1964GenaveveCarter 30David WatersSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.880   
GBR407TGenieFirst 40.7 2.40Justin CullenMayo Sailing Club1.0551.050 E12/05/2015
IRL3739GigglesMoody S31Peter MoreheadSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.880   
IRL4475GodotDufour 44 DDJohn GodkinKinsale Yacht Club1.0951.093 E27/01/2015
IRL1486Good TimesSun Odyssey 29.2James O'ReillyWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.895   
IRL1654GoyaveFirst 28Russell CamierMalahide Yacht Club0.8700.871 E02/04/2015
FRA079GraduateJ/80Dominic O'KeeffeRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9550.952 E30/03/2015
IRL1038Grasshopper IIHanse 301Kevin GlynnNational Yacht Club0.910   
IRL1754Green MonkeyCork 1720Stephen O'GormanGalway Bay Sailing Club1.0201.017 E14/07/2015
IRL7778GringoArchambault A 35Tony FoxNational Yacht Club1.0251.023 E26/01/2015
IRL937GrowlerFirst 32s5Diarmuid DineenTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9250.911 E09/06/2015
IRL1977GrowlerGrand Soleil 43Gabriel HoganSchull Harbour Sailing Club1.030   
IRL2840Guinness KannGK 24Gill GoodKinsale Yacht Club0.8300.831 E13/04/2015
IRL216Gung-HoSuper SealGrainne O'SheaRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.8600.860 E26/01/2015
IRL329Gunsmoke IIFirst 32Samuel CohenKinsale Yacht Club0.9100.908 E05/05/2015
IRL4534Gwili TwoSigma 33oodPaddy MaguireRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9100.913 E23/03/2015
IRL1342Hair-RaiserHR 342Percy BoyleHowth Yacht Club0.955   
IRL4794Hard on PortJ/24Flor O'DriscollRoyal St George Yacht Club0.8850.887 E27/01/2015
IRL1484HarmonyHalf Ton HumphreysJohn SwanHowth Yacht Club0.9500.948 E11/06/2015
IRL581Helly HunterDelta D/KLionel McMurtryHowth Yacht Club0.840   
IRL3206Helter SkelterSunfast 32iAdrienne JermynRoyal St George Yacht Club0.945   
IRL7234HeroHumphreys 3/4 TonAdrian O'ConnellThe Royal Western Yacht Club of Ireland0.9950.997 E02/07/2015
IRL1772Heroes & VillainsCork 1720Gary RhodesRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0201.022 E03/02/2015
IRL1812HibernianCork 1720Cormac FahyGalway Bay Sailing Club1.0201.021 E14/07/2015
IRL1311HollyH-BoatBasil MacMahonHowth Yacht Club0.8450.844 E23/03/2015
K691Huff of ArklowFlying 30Cremyll KeelboatsRoyal St George Yacht Club0.930   
IRL9508Huggy BearImpala 28 I/B 1.78Sean DoyleNational Yacht Club0.8850.884 E12/03/2015
IRL1357HumdingerSunfast 37Michael McCabeRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9800.982 E09/06/2015
IRL3199HuntressSunfast 32iRaphael CrowleyTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9450.923 E27/04/2015
IRL3864IbarakiGK 34 MODMike GuilfoyleGalway Bay Sailing Club0.9600.943 E11/05/2015
IRL2507ImpetuousCorby 25Fergal NoonanHowth Yacht Club0.9350.930 E30/03/2015
IRL1818In CorrectILC 30 WelbournFrank WhelanRoyal St George Yacht Club1.0301.030 E02/07/2015
IRL9898IndecisionJ/109Declan HayesRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0151.012 E27/01/2015
IRL1949IndigoElan 31Gerry WellerArklow Sailing Club0.945   
IRL3339IndulgenceElan 333David SargentHowth Yacht Club0.9650.966 E11/05/2015
IRL8209Insidious TooSonata ODAidan McAleavyCove Sailing Club0.820   
IRL5687IpanemaDehler 37 CRMartin BreenGalway Bay Sailing Club0.9550.967 21/07/2015
IRL6404IsoldeFirst 21.7Brian MulkeenRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.840   
FR428JabiruFulmarJim LalorFoynes Yacht Club0.875   
400JaguarJ/24Gary FortTralee Bay Sailing Club0.8850.878 E07/07/2015
IRL767JailbaitJ/24Conor HaughtonWicklow Sailing Club0.8850.887 E30/03/2015
IRL5109JalapenoJ/109Paul BarringtonNational Yacht Club1.0151.026 E22/04/2015
IRL1171JamaHanse 341John MoyneyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.930   
GBR500JamaroJ/80Kevin DalyCrookhaven Harbour Sailing Club0.9550.958 E23/06/2015
GBR605JambiyaJ/80Vincent LattimoreRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9550.958 E02/04/2015
SM99JasmineStorm 33Don BoadellaSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.925   
260Jawesome IIIJ/70Mervyn DykeRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9600.959 E16/03/2015
IRL4102JayJ/24Liam CoakleyCove Sailing Club0.8850.887 E09/06/2015
IRL9191JebusJ/24Emmet DaltonHowth Yacht Club0.8850.887 E22/10/2015
IRL8088JediJ/109Andrew SarrattRoyal St George Yacht Club1.0151.011 E22/04/2015
GBR606JediJ/80Fergus CoughlanCove Sailing Club0.9550.958 E23/03/2015
IRL9609Jelly BabyJ/109Ian NagleRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0151.026 E24/02/2015
IRL8750JesterJ/80Declan CurtinNational Yacht Club0.9550.958 E03/03/2015
IRL1438Jet DreamJ/105Philip BourkeMayo Sailing Club1.0101.008 E09/02/2015
IRL4252JibeJ/24Fergus KelliherTralee Bay Sailing Club0.8850.884 E03/02/2015
IRL7991JigamareeJ/109Ronan HarrisRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0151.016 E23/06/2015
IRL808Jiminy CricketSonataMona TyndallNational Yacht Club0.820   
IRL4115Johnny BravoJ/24Chris ShackletonHowth Yacht Club0.8850.887 E03/09/2015
GBR9498RJoie de VieJ/109Glenn CahillGalway Bay Sailing Club1.0151.011 E13/04/2015
IRL9388JokerSigma 38Michael BroderickKinsale Yacht Club0.9850.982 E16/02/2015
IRL9388Joker (SH)Sigma 38Michael BroderickKinsale Yacht Club0.9850.971 E11/06/2015
IRL1206Joker IIJ/109John MayburyRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0151.015 E16/06/2015
IRL8151Jokers WildFirst 32s5Gordon KnaggsHowth Yacht Club0.9250.926 E03/02/2015
IRL1078JostlerJ/92Patrick BeckettKinsale Yacht Club0.9700.965 E16/03/2015
IRL7169JoyrideBolero 26John DoyleArklow Sailing Club0.865   
IRL1075JuliaContessa 26Edmund KayRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.7650.774 E11/05/2015
IRL2007Jump JuiceKer 36.7Conor PhelanRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.1051.104 E27/01/2015
IRL1129Jump the GunJ/109John KellyRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0151.014 E13/04/2015
IRL3506Just JasminBavaria 35Philip SmithRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.005   
IRL2067JustusJ/109Dan BuckleyKinsale Yacht Club1.0151.012 E03/02/2015
IRL9216J'zus OuthaulJ/92Brian DempseyArklow Sailing Club0.9700.968 E12/05/2015
IRL8094K1First Evolution 30 Patrick BoardmanHowth Yacht Club0.9550.953 E02/04/2015
IRL8223KamikazeSunfast 32Peter NashRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9350.939 E25/06/2015
IRL17195KarukeraFirst 36s7 Gerry HarveyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9800.978 E07/07/2015
IRL3204KatieSun Odyssey 32Tom DunneRoyal St George Yacht Club0.920   
IRL2970KernachFirst 31.7Eoin O'DriscollNational Yacht Club0.950   
37Kerry DreamKerry SloopTom MurrayFoynes Yacht Club0.750   
NED8969Kia OraElan 333Stephen MclaughlinMoville Boat Club0.965   
IRL680Kilcullen Euro Car ParksJ/24HYC K25 TeamHowth Yacht Club0.8850.887 E11/06/2015
GBR3Kilcullen VoyagerOpen 60 IMOCA 4.50Enda O'CoineenISA1.6951.694 03/06/2015
IRL2706KodachiCorby 27Michael WrightHowth Yacht Club0.9550.956 E23/07/2015
IRL1138Kopper TooOceanis 311Myles RonanRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.875   
IRL1301KyachticHanse 400Vincent TubbGlandore Harbour Yacht Club1.0451.044 E12/05/2015
IRL2777La Perle NoireFirst 27.7Deborah CrowleySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.950   
IRL34218Lady RowenaSadler 34David BolgerRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9100.904 E09/06/2015
IRL2510Lady TSun Odyssey 32iMicheal LynchRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9200.933 02/04/2015
IRL9970Lambay RulesJ/97Stephen QuinnHowth Yacht Club0.9800.977 E01/04/2015
IRL1902LaraBavaria 33Peter O'NeillRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.930   
IRL1901Lazy BonesJeanneau 36iMichael CarvillMullaghmore Sailing Club0.970   
IRL5470Lee Na MaraArpege Mk 2Richard O'MalleyHowth Yacht Club0.850   
IRL971LeeuwinSigma 33oodHenry LeonardRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9100.913 E12/03/2015
IRL3175Legally BlondeFirst 31.7Cathal P. DrohanRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9500.951 E01/06/2015
808Leilah MaeHunter 19Roger ByrneDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.785   
IRL3261LeonidasSpartaSimon TreziseClifden Boat Club0.775  14/05/2015
IRL1740LevanaFirst 31.7Jean MittonRoyal St George Yacht Club0.950   
IRL3107LevanteFirst 31.7John PowerNational Yacht Club0.9500.954 E03/02/2015
IRL7600LillaCNB Briand 76Nancy De PietroKinsale Yacht Club1.2001.197 E13/04/2015
IRL1295LisadorDehler 36 CWSHenry HoggGarrykennedy Sailing Club0.9700.969 E05/05/2015
IRL1644Lively LadyFirst 44.7Derek MartinRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.1151.106 E11/05/2015
IRL3172Loa ZourBavaria 39iGerard GrantKinsale Yacht Club0.990   
IRL1033Loch GreineHanse 311Tom O'MahonyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9300.927 E26/01/2015
GBR3550Lolly FollyHanse 350Colman PhelanSutton Dinghy Club0.965   
IRL5383LuasHB 31 Sean HanleyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9290.919 23/07/2015
IRL1012Lucy OOceanis 331 P. Aonghus O'HeochaRoyal St George Yacht Club0.930   
IRL3607Lula BelleFirst 36.7Liam CoyneNational Yacht Club1.0000.993 E24/08/2015
IRL4646Luv IsDB 1 (MOD)Anthony KingstonKinsale Yacht Club0.9750.977 E23/03/2015
IRL7386Lynx ClipperReflex 38Kenneth RumballIrish National Sailing Club1.0501.049 E05/05/2015
IRL3170Mackey GFirst 31.7 (MOD)John McGowanSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.950   
IRL1176Magic ElfinHanse 371Peter KellyKinsale Yacht Club0.995   
GBR9896MagnetMG 335Kieran O'BrienRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9450.944 E12/03/2015
IRL9219MakutuJ/92Patrick DoyleHowth Yacht Club0.9700.971 E26/05/2015
IRL2076ManzanitaQuarter Ton HollandJohn MolloySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.8850.886 E01/06/2015
11MarandaSenator 22Myles KellyDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.8150.813 E26/01/2015
IRL1430Mary EllenSun Odyssey 33iKevin O'ByrneHowth Yacht Club0.9300.929 27/04/2015
IRL4558MaverickMG Spring 25Paul O'NeillHowth Yacht Club0.8650.863 E17/08/2015
IRL728MaximusJ/24Darragh McCormackFoynes Yacht Club0.8850.881 E11/05/2015
IRL7495MaximusX 302Patrick KyneHowth Yacht Club0.9300.924 E09/02/2015
IRL1341MenapiaUFO 31James McsweeneyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.8650.863 12/03/2015
IRL4076MeridianSalona 45Thomas RocheKinsale Yacht Club1.1151.113 E12/03/2015
IRL7389Mermaid IVFirst 50Seamus FitzpatrickRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.1151.110 01/06/2015
IRL5555Midnight SunSunway 25Patrick BolgerHowth Yacht Club0.820   
IRL4434Minx IIISigma 33 MOD (eng)Tom McNieceRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9000.902 E01/06/2015
GBR9047RMojitoJ/109Peter DunlopNational Yacht Club1.0151.012 E30/06/2015
IRL2113Mon ReveFirst 211Brian StewartMalahide Yacht Club0.8400.841 09/02/2015
GBR4999MoonshineSigma 33oodRonald MoloneyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9100.913 E22/04/2015
IRL3205MoonshineSun Odyssey 32iNick JonesRoyal St George Yacht Club0.920   
IRL966More MischiefFirst 310Eamonn DoyleISA0.925   
IRL4439MuskateerSigma 33oodBilly BurkeCove Sailing Club0.9100.913 E26/01/2015
IRL387Mystique of MalahideSunfizzRobert MichaelHowth Yacht Club0.9450.948 12/05/2015
IRL721Nauti-GalFirst 310Jason CrawfordRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9250.901 11/05/2015
IRL1432NightflyerSuper SealRichard NairnGreystones Sailing Club0.860   
IRL3104NirvanaOceanis 311Bernard NeesonRoyal St George Yacht Club0.875   
IRL1972No ExcuseX 302Ted CrosbieRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9300.927 E03/03/2015
IRL78No-GnomesNicholson H/TLeonard DonneryRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9050.907 E24/02/2015
IRL9494NowWhatDubois 33Jim GrealishGalway Bay Sailing Club1.0151.016 E16/06/2015
IRL4162NyahJ/24Stefan HydeRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8850.887 E01/06/2015
ST9NyamadziStorm CruiserBrendan FeganBray Sailing Club0.865   
IRL4004Objection!Sun Odyssey 35Kevin MurrayKinsale Yacht Club0.955   
IRL4513ObsessionSigma 33oodDonal O'MahonySailing in Dublin Club (SID)0.9100.913 E27/04/2015
E127OctopussEE BoatPatrick O'NeillClontarf Yacht & Boat Club0.8250.824 E05/05/2015
139Olympus Jouet 760Patrick O'NeillSkerries Sailing Club0.830   
IRL1725OptiqueCork 1720Johnny MurphyGalway City Sailing Club1.0201.022 E14/07/2015
IRL325Orient ExpressAlbin ExpressFrank O'ReganWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.8700.864 E13/04/2015
IRL532OrnaGrand Soleil 40 CPhilip DilworthNational Yacht Club1.0351.035 E05/05/2015
IRL2070Out and AboutFirst 38Terry McCoyHowth Yacht Club0.9500.950 E12/03/2015
7071Outrigger707Jimmy NyhanRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9050.904 E14/07/2015
K3145TOverdraftFirst 285Brian HeronMalahide Yacht Club0.880   
IRL2855PamafeFirst 285Michael CostelloRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.880   
IRL1792PapytooFirst 285Maurice WalshDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.8800.876 E27/04/2015
1688CPasticheSigma 33oodThomas O'NeillRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9100.913 E09/06/2015
54PathfinderAjax N23Philip WatsonHowth Yacht Club0.8750.881 05/05/2015
GBR5507TPeridotMustang Mk2Jim McCannRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9150.920 E16/03/2015
IRL8237PersistanceSigma 38Jerry CollinsRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9850.978 E13/04/2015
IRL1522Plan BFirst 211Vincent MulveyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.840   
IRL828PlaytimeFormula 28John WalshTralee Bay Sailing Club0.905   
IRL723PoitinShipman 28Bev LowesFoynes Yacht Club0.850   
IRL4364PopjeSigma 33oodTed McCourtNational Yacht Club0.910   
IRL28898Powder MonkeyJ/109Chris MooreNational Yacht Club1.0151.014 E30/03/2015
IRL4206Powder MonkeySigma 33 1.83Liam LynchTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9100.911 E12/03/2015
IRL7404Pretty PollyFirst 47.7 2.80Chris HorriganNational Yacht Club1.1251.124 E03/03/2015
IRL3504Prima LuceFirst 35Ruairi O'FlynnRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0201.018 E27/04/2015
IRL5976PrivateerGK 29 (Mod) KeelMichael CunninghamMayo Sailing Club0.885   
IRL3653PrivateerDufour 365Dermot LaniganKinsale Yacht Club0.940   
IRL9591PrometheusImpala 28oodPaul MurrayRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8900.888 E03/09/2015
IRL1565ProspectFirst 31.7Chris JohnstonHowth Yacht Club0.950   
IRL2860Pure MagicFeeling 286 SpecialSteve HayesBray Sailing Club0.875   
IRL3300PyxisElan 333Edmund MageeMalahide Yacht Club0.965   
IRL508QuestHumphreys 1/4 TonBarry CunninghamRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9050.906 E27/01/2015
IRL5195QuinseaHB 31Barry QuinlanSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.9200.929 14/07/2015
GBR6095TRafflesSadler 32Sean NorrisSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.8700.863 E23/06/2015
IRL109RagtimeGK 24 M/HJohn AlexanderKinsale Yacht Club0.8350.820 03/02/2015
IRL811RaptorMills 30 CRJustin McCarthyRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0201.018 E23/03/2015
IRL731Re EileMoody 31Damian AhernCove Sailing Club0.8650.866 E23/06/2015
IRL29501ReavraElan 295Stephen LysaghtKinsale Yacht Club0.9300.935 E23/03/2015
IRL6001RebellionNicholson 58John HughesHowth Yacht Club1.0551.056 E12/03/2015
IRL7284Red RhumDB1Jonathan NicholsonRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9650.970 E09/06/2015
IRL262RelativityAlbin ExpressDenis EllisCove Sailing Club0.8700.884 E11/05/2015
IRL1157RénuaScanmar 35Ronan O'DriscollCove Sailing Club0.925   
GBR402Rhett ButlerDB2Harbour Yacht Management Ltd.Kinsale Yacht Club0.9500.952 E06/10/2015
GBR380RiojaJ/80Dominic BaxterRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9550.953 E02/04/2015
IRL337RockabillFirst 30Jim FinanMayo Sailing Club0.890   
IRL3307Rockabill VCorby 33Paul O'HigginsRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0401.040 E23/03/2015
GBR2588RRosieCorby 25Roy DicksonHowth Yacht Club0.9350.930 E11/05/2015
IRL911RossinverSuper Seal Ciaran ScottHowth Yacht Club0.8600.861 03/09/2015
IRL1186RubiconSun Odyssey 36iPaul ShortRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9850.983 25/06/2015
IRL3131Rum DoodleElan 31Chris O'DeaHowth Yacht Club0.9450.947 E09/02/2015
IRL874Running TideJ/24Louis MulloyMayo Sailing Club0.8850.887 E24/02/2015
IRL4518RupertSigma 33oodRichard LovegroveRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9100.913 E03/03/2015
IRL1383RuthJ/109Liam ShanahanNational Yacht Club1.0151.015 E06/08/2015
IRL26026RuthlessCorby 26Conor RonanSligo Yacht Club0.9500.951 E12/02/2015
IRL246SakiNicholson 31Paget McCormackRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.850   
IRL2727Sally in StitchesFirst 27.7George DwyerSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.950   
1807Salve RacingCork 1720Jimmy NyhanRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0201.022 E16/06/2015
IRL37050Sandpiper of HowthSun Odyssey 37.1Andrew KnowlesHowth Yacht Club0.9450.944 16/03/2015
GK149Saoirse.xlsGK 24 M/HRichard HanleyKinsale Yacht Club0.8350.843 E24/02/2015
IRL3230SapphireOceanis 323 Declan GrayHowth Yacht Club0.930   
IRL1447Saxon SenatorX 37Wan WatermanRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0351.036 E26/05/2015
IRL4212ScandalJ/24 Brian McDowellMalahide Yacht Club0.885   
IRL4379Scribbler IISigma 33 1.83Tom MacSweeneyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9000.897 E12/05/2015
IRL1494Sea DragonSymphonieJohn MolloySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.910   
IRL1688Sea EstaKelt 9.00Philip MitchellHowth Yacht Club0.890   
IRL4506Sea HawkSigma 33oodClem McElligottRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9100.913 E22/04/2015
IRL1082Sea SafariSun Odyssey 37.1Jacqueline SmithRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.945   
600Seconds CountSonarDan O'DonovanDungarvan Harbour Sailing Club0.8800.879 E07/07/2015
GBR4597September SongSigma 33oodBarry CollearyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.910   
IRL2918Setanta of Dun LaoghaireHustler 35Gavin DennNational Yacht Club0.895   
B 122Seven WhistlerAlbin BalladRene WubbenWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.8400.843 E09/06/2015
IRL1771SheillieghBlazer 23John TwomeyKinsale Yacht Club0.8750.868 E01/06/2015
148Shelly DMoody 30Michael MurphyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8250.826 E12/02/2015
IRL791ShenanigansFeeling 850 CruisingLee DouglasMalahide Yacht Club0.8850.885 E16/03/2015
IRL526ShockwaveFirst 345Jim BoylanSkerries Sailing Club0.905   
K4267ShowtimeSigma 33oodPaul J SinnottWicklow Sailing Club0.9100.913 E27/01/2015
IRL9321SiboneySunfast 32iJohn StallardKinsale Yacht Club0.9450.943 E30/03/2015
IRL1962SkedaddleFirst 285Dan BarrettISA0.8800.872 02/04/2015
IRL4170Slack AliceGK 34Shane StathamWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.9500.949 E27/01/2015
IRL4760Small FryMG C27John HarringtonNational Yacht Club0.895   
IRL7007Small WonderFirst 211Hugh KellyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.840   
IRL25007SmileCorby 25Robert AllenGalway Bay Sailing Club0.9350.932 E07/05/2015
IRL8322SojournArcona 400Charles BlandfordHowth Yacht Club1.030   
IRL1011SomedaySun Odyssey 28.1Niall GleesonNational Yacht Club0.890   
IRL29213Something ElseJ/109John HallNational Yacht Club1.0151.012 E03/03/2015
IRL3910SonasSun Odyssey 39iDavid RossKinsale Yacht Club1.030   
IRL1974SoufriereSpirit 54Stephen O'FlahertyHowth Yacht Club1.1251.122 E16/06/2015
GBR8571SpellboundSigma 38Hugh BurrowsHowth Yacht Club0.985   
IRL1503SpindriftHR34David KellyWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.9350.932 E22/04/2015
IRL3950SpiritJeanneau 39DSColin O'BrienRoyal St George Yacht Club1.010   
IRL4073SplashdanceDufour 40Howard McMullanHowth Yacht Club1.0301.032 E30/03/2015
IRL9992Split PointDufour 34 PerformanceSéamus GilroyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9600.957 E12/02/2015
IRL4464SpringerSigma 33oodIan BowringRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9100.913 E16/03/2015
IRL6002StagefrightFormula 28Jonathan WormaldHowth Yacht Club0.9050.909 E09/06/2015
IRL6136StarletFormula 28Edward BourkeHowth Yacht Club0.9050.905 E30/03/2015
IRL1141StormJ/109Pat KellyHowth Yacht Club1.0151.015 E19/05/2015
194StormMelges 24Karl FlanneryGalway Bay Sailing Club1.0251.024 E12/02/2015
IRL5693Strictly BusinessCastro 3/4 TonnerFergus KelliherTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9650.966 E06/10/2015
IRL127SubadarComfort 30Ulrich MartinMayo Sailing Club0.865   
IRL3214SublimeElan 320Aine StaffordCourtown Sailing Club0.9700.969 E10/02/2015
IRL3444SummerflyBavaria 34Michael HearnSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.930   
IRL1132SunburnSunfast 32Ian ByrneHowth Yacht Club0.9350.933 E30/03/2015
IRL2760SunchaserSundream 28Michael MarrHowth Yacht Club0.875   
IRL220986SundanceSun Odyssey 469Barry ByrneISA1.045   
GBR9625RSundancerDynamo 25Alan MulcahyKinsale Yacht Club0.8400.839 E03/03/2015
IRL3201SunsariSunfast 32iTom SalterHowth Yacht Club0.945   
GBR4100LSupergrooveDibley 8Ronan StackWexford Harbour Boat & Tenis Club1.0301.032 23/07/2015
IRL7500SupernovaStarflashJoe TimbsRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.8700.871 E16/03/2015
IRL1759SurfdancerElan 333Charles MacDonnellRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9650.971 E20/01/2015
IRL3612Sweet DreamsSun Odyssey 36i Batt O'LearyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9850.984 E12/03/2015
IRL5013Sweet MartiniSHE 31Bruce CarswellRoyal St George Yacht Club0.835   
IRL1309Syledis in BlueOceanis 323 John HayesBray Sailing Club0.930   
IRL851TaiscealaíClub ShamrockBrian RichardsonRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.8750.878 E30/03/2015
IRL3337Tantrum 3First 33.7Jenny O'LearyHowth Yacht Club0.9650.967 E13/04/2015
IRL3908TaurusEtap 28iHarry HermonCourtown Sailing Club0.875   
IRL1237TealSun Odyssey 35Ian FrenchRoyal St George Yacht Club0.955   
IRL975Tete a TeteSun Odyssey 32Oonagh BuckleySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.920   
IRL733ThaliaSigma 400Ralph HanceNational Yacht Club1.020   
IRL1202Thar SaileSun Odyssey 35Caoimhin O' LaoiHowth Yacht Club0.955   
IRL5522The Big PictureMG HS30Michael EvansHowth Yacht Club0.9450.944 E18/06/2015
IRL1217The Great EscapeBavaria 33Patrick RigneyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.930   
IRL692The Main 4First 310John O'ReganKinsale Yacht Club0.9250.924 E12/03/2015
IRL3007Thirty SomethingFirst 31.7Gerry GaffneyRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9500.950 E01/06/2015
GBR1786YThistleHustler 25.5Peter WebsterRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8150.817 03/03/2015
IRL4077TigerFirst 40.7 2.40Stephen HarrisHowth Yacht Club1.0551.056 E01/06/2015
6Tiny DancerPrelude 19Kieran O'ByrneGreystones Sailing Club0.750   
IRL3052TobagoSunlight 30Tom RayMalahide Yacht Club0.8650.881 E12/02/2015
IRL303TorolocoY25Raymond HanleyKinsale Yacht Club0.835   
GBR1411TToughnutMG 335Dermot Kevin SkehanHowth Yacht Club0.9450.947 E13/04/2015
IRL248Trail BlazerColvic Liberator 35Francis KellyPoolbeg Yacht, Boat Club & Marina0.920   
IRL1017TreyonaSigma 33oodFinbarr O'ConnellTralee Bay Sailing Club0.9100.910 E20/07/2015
IRL2525TribalCorby 25Liam BurkeGalway Bay Sailing Club0.9350.930 E05/05/2015
IRL9400Trinculo of HowthSigma 400Michael FlemingHowth Yacht Club1.0201.020 E27/04/2015
IRL9834True PenanceProjection 35Martin Darrer SeniorRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0201.019 E09/06/2015
IRL4007TsunamiFirst 40.7 Distinction 2.40Vincent FarrellNational Yacht Club1.0551.055 E27/04/2015
IRL620TurnaboutKelt 850Roddy DelaneyMalahide Yacht Club0.8800.878 22/04/2015
IRL892TuxX 332Mary O'KeeffeRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9800.977 E03/03/2015
IRL5597TyphoonCastro 31William PurcellKinsale Yacht Club0.9850.984 E12/03/2015
IRL1188UtopiaX 3/4T Mk2J Brendan HealySligo Yacht Club0.9550.956 E27/04/2015
IRL5601V.S.O.P.Sovereign 400Don McCarthyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.9900.989 E20/07/2015
IRL3450Val KrissFirst 345Nigel DannKinsale Yacht Club0.9350.934 E23/03/2015
IRL4297ValfreyaSigma 33oodDavid RiomeKinsale Yacht Club0.910   
IRL927VerveYawlBrian ComerfordDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.880   
IRL1502VespucciDehler 31Sean O'ReganRoyal St George Yacht Club0.8900.886 E28/08/2015
IRL1103VikingX 302Kevin DarmodyHowth Yacht Club0.9300.926 E12/03/2015
IRL657VoyagerDehler 34Joe CartonHowth Yacht Club0.9300.932 E16/03/2015
IRL3531WaaigeestFirst 38s5Aidan BoylanSkerries Sailing Club0.980   
K4351TWaderBavaria 320 SportlineJim BuckleyCove Sailing Club0.920   
GBR5909RWakeyWakeyJ/109Roger SmithPoolbeg Yacht, Boat Club & Marina1.0151.015 E05/05/2015
IRL1398WardanceSigma 33oodSean HawkshawMullaghmore Sailing Club0.9100.913 E22/04/2015
IRL8478WarriorFirst 34.7Dave ShanahanNational Yacht Club1.0000.986 E22/04/2015
IRL1477WavetrainChannel 32Frank WhelanRoyal St George Yacht Club1.0151.022 E16/06/2015
GBR7634TWhiskey MacOceanis 390David TaylorISA0.925   
IRL6559White HunterFormula 28 MODJoss WalshHowth Yacht Club0.9050.906 E16/09/2015
IRL9564White KnightImpala 28oodAdrian TylerCove Sailing Club0.8900.889 E09/02/2015
IRL1333White LotusElan 333Paul TullyISA0.9650.971 E12/02/2015
K5670White MagicAlbin Express Donal HardingWaterford Harbour Sailing Club0.8700.859 E12/03/2015
IRL4633White MischiefSigma 33oodTimothy GoodbodyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.9100.913 E13/04/2015
IRL4470White TigerFirst 44.7Anthony O'BrienKinsale Yacht Club1.1151.113 E02/04/2015
IRL1077Wild HoneyG8000Peter MurrayRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.0101.010 18/09/2015
IRL9547Wild MustardImpala 28oodPatrick CoyleHowth Yacht Club0.8900.889 E13/04/2015
IRL1708WindborneSun Legende 41Niall Palmer SheehanSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.9650.952 12/05/2015
IRL37737WindshiftSunfast 37Brian GillenRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9800.980 E03/02/2015
IRL1473WintermoonOceanis 343 DKS M GallagherHowth Yacht Club0.940   
IRL5821WitchcraftOyster 26Simon NelsonSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.850   
IRL1656Witzend 2First 27.7Peter ConlonRoyal St George Yacht Club0.9500.953 E27/01/2015
GBR5270WooferEliminator 32Owen CunninghamISA0.9000.895 14/07/2015
IRL4208WowFarr 42George SiskRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.1251.124 E27/01/2015
IRL307WynwardFirst 27Wyn McCormackRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.855   
IRL3022XebecX 302Edward BourkeHowth Yacht Club0.9300.923 E03/09/2015
IRL7597XenaX 332Ian GaughanMayo Sailing Club0.9800.971 E26/05/2015
IRL2382XerxesIMX -38Lawrence O'NeillRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.0351.036 E11/05/2015
IRL7066X-RatedX 332John GordonMayo Sailing Club0.9800.978 E26/01/2015
IRL1346XstaticXc 42Damien CashinMayo Sailing Club1.0451.050 12/03/2015
IRL5098YaGottaWannaJ/24Sinead EnrightRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.8850.886 E23/03/2015
IRL1068YahtzeeOceanis 411Richard MossopDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.9800.978 E13/04/2015
IRL2820Y-DreamFirst 36.7Sean O'RiordanKinsale Yacht Club1.0001.003 E13/04/2015
IRL1883Yikes!First 211Joe ConwayRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.840   
IRL4541YoshiSweden 45Dan CrossRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.080   
IRL1402ZeezwaanPioneer 9Don BuckleySchull Harbour Sailing Club0.825   
IRL9998ZephyrSun Odyssey 32Kieran RuaneGarrykennedy Sailing Club0.920   
IRL11100ZephyrJ 100 L/LMorgan CroweNational Yacht Club1.0301.027 E23/06/2015
IRL1802ZutsyElan 31Dr. John McFeelyLough Swilly Yacht Club0.9450.936 16/02/2015

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