Orders received before 10am on a Wednesday

•    All orders must be placed with Nuala or Sylwia on or before 10am on a Wednesday morning.
•    Sylwia then checks each organisation’s details and account status.
•    Please also note that if there is an outstanding balance on a training centre or clubs account Sylwia needs to get
     clearance from the Accounts Department before releasing any stock items.
•    Sylwia then prepares the packs for each club or training centre.
•    All packs are sent directly to the Centre Principal.
•    An Post arrives at the ISA Offices just after lunch to collect all the parcels.
•    This ensures that all training centres and clubs receive their logbooks, certificates and publications by Thursday or
      Friday at the latest.

Collecting Orders from the ISA Office

•    To allow Sylwia time to check an organisations account status, prepare and pack the required publications we would
     request that orders for collection from the ISA Office are phoned in during the morning.  We can then ensure that
     they are ready for collection after lunch.

Orders received after lunchtime on a Wednesday

•    While we will endeavour to do our utmost, we cannot guarantee delivery to the training centre or club by Friday on
     orders received after lunchtime on a Wednesday.

We would therefore, respectively request that all orders are received by Nuala and Sylwia before 10am on a Wednesday.

Sylwia and I would like to thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter.
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