The Royal Cork Yacht Club had a highly successful WOWI event as part of the ISA WOWI initiative. Their goal was to encourage women to get out on the water, help promote the club and ultimately raise funds for Action Breast Cancer and the Irish Cancer Society. 

In order to cast the net as far and wide as possible they held their WOWI event over one whole week and called it “WOW Week”.  2 hour morning, afternoon and evening sessions opened up the event to all women across the board – stay at home mums, 9-5 workers and shift workers could all find a time slot to suit.

Good weather, experienced volunteer skippers and an enthusiastic 100 women made it an outstanding success.  Their goal was exceeded, Royal Cork raised €1315 for Action Breast Cancer AND have set up an adult training programme for the new sailors to learn the ropes a little more and get hooked.

Royal Cork feel the link with Action Breast Cancer was instrumental in getting the ladies onboard. “Without a doubt. It was the single driving factor as I know many that participated had either had breast cancer or someone close to them had. It undoubtedly boosted the numbers of participants.”

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