ISA and IODAI Joint Statement - Replacement of lifejackets with bibs

At the recent IODAI meeting it was decided to replace green lifejackets with bibs for international teams.

The Optimist class was introduced in Ireland in the 1960’s and teams have been sent abroad almost since its introduction. In the late 90’s lifejackets were awarded to Worlds team sailors only, in recent times this expanded to include Worlds, Europeans and Development squads.

This year a number of teams at the European Championships had the safety of their lifejackets brought into question by the measurement committee. The matter was eventually resolved but did raise a number of questions.

This prompted a discussion by the committee on the merits or otherwise of the lifejackets.

The elected committee members and the ISA Performance Director heard strong arguments both for and against replacing lifejackets with bibs.

After considered debate it was decided to replace the life jackets with bibs as this brings the Optimist class in line with the rest of the ISA Pathway Squads up to and including the Olympic squad.

Branded bibs will be awarded on the same basis the lifejackets were awarded in the previous season. 
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