FutureFit is submitting an application for SEAI's Better Energy Community (BEC) funding on behalf of a number of sports organisations. The funding helps cover the cost, installation and commissioning of equipment and works that reduce energy costs for organisations so includes funding for more efficient boilers, lighting, insulation, solar panels and better energy monitoring and control etc. FutureFit has recently learned that not-for-profit organisations may be entitled to up to 50% funding and for profit organisations up to 35% so it really is a great opportunity to halve the payback on new equipment that will reduce the clubs ongoing energy bills. 

Deadline: FutureFit must submit an application by May 24th so they have to act fast to get everything they need for the application.  FutureFit should know by the end of June if they've been successful in their application and no costs will be incurred by club or facilities until they have that approval.  

Proof of access to funds: As the BEC pays for works completed, the actual funding cheque will not arrive until all after the work has been done and paid for (must be before end October 2013). This means the club or facility would need to be able to demonstrate that it has access to funds to pay for the required works upfront. This takes the form of a letter stating funding is available and signed by the secretary, chairman or other designated person who can sign on behalf of the club. Please click here for a copy of the letter that SEAI has provided for this purpose. 

FutureFit's role:  FutureFit will act as project manager on behalf of clubs.  If you're interested in proceeding they will organise the following:
  1. Estimated cost of works: FutureFit will provide an estimate of works required to retrofit with more energy efficient equipment 
  2. Application Submission: FutureFit will work closely with you to submit all the paperwork required to successfully drawdown funding from SEAI 
  3. Help raising finance - FutureFit has partnered with Clann Credo, a social bank dedicated to community projects to access funds where required
  4. Managing retrofits works: FutureFit will manage all aspects of retrofit works including appointing contractors and managing installation and commissioning of new equipment. 
For more information please contact Paul O’Connor, EnergyFit Coordinator at or 086 3433368.


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