Driving a Powerboat this Summer?
Here are 7 ways to stay safe… 

1 Get Trained
Appropriate training is probably the most effective investment in safety you can make. One and two day courses are run by ISA Training Centres all over the country all year round. See for details.

2 Wear A Lifejacket
Wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid appropriate to the area you are 
operating and the activity you are taking part in.

3 Use A Killcord
Ensure that the driver of any powerboat uses a killcord or an engine cut out lanyard at all times and that it will turn the engine off if activated.

4 Mind Your Speed
Always proceed at a low speed when manoeuvring in the vicinity of any other water users. 

5 Watch Where You Are Going
Be aware of the dangers of allowing the driver of a powerboat to be distracted in any way while the boat is underway.

6 Watch That Propeller

Always ensure that your engine is turned off when in the vicinity of people in the water.

7 Be Prepared

Always ensure that your boat is adequately and appropriately manned,  equipped and that it is seaworthy. If you are not sure contact the RNLI for free “Advice on Board”

A safety message from your national authority
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