Members of the Irish P750 Powerboat Class Association wowed spectators in Kinsale in their P750 Thundercat Racing Ireland powerboats at the St Patrick's Day parades which took place both during the day and at night.

Two P750 Thundercats took to the water during the daytime parade, putting on a fantastic display for the spectators gathered along the marina and the pier walls. After the displays they also took a number of people for introduction spins and 'return visitor' spins to show them how much fun can be had on the water.

A short while later, decorated with a number of lighting arrays and glow sticks as well as appropriate maritime navigation lights, the two P750 Thundercats set out to join a number of cruisers, ribs, yachts and trawlers who were all displaying their own unique lighting arrangements for the night time parade.

Once the flotilla had entered the inner harbour, the P750 Thundercats put on a breathtaking display of power, control and agility in close quarters along the pier walls, which were lined with over two thousand cheering spectators. The use of alternating spotlights in the operating area allowed the boats to be lit up which only added to the spectacle for the audience. Spinning rapidly, rotating in unison and vertical driving made up a number of the stunts put on display for the crowds.

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Daytime Parade Display


Night-time Parade Display

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