The ISA would like to welcome Enniscrone Boat Club and Trinity - Sailor Sailing Club to the ISA family.

The ISA's two Regional Development Officers (RDO's), Denis Dillion and Ciaran Murphy, have been assisting the set-up of these clubs and will help them develop within their Category 3 status over the coming seasons.

Since October 2010Denis and Ciaran have been meeting with clubs, sourcing funding, setting up meetings with local sports partnership and local development officers and much more. The ISA RDO's are helping clubs to develop their on the water programmes by initiating participation programmes and assisting in the communications between local communities and the ISA organisations in those areas.

Trinity-Sailor Sailing Club is a group that meets for regular sailing outings on inland and coastal waters. They will be using a unique type of craft called a "Trinity-Sailor". For information and contact details for the Trinity-Sailor Sailing Club, please see here.

Enniscrone Sailing Club is based in Sligo and is hoping to become a Category 1 club in the future. Currently the main activities of the club are social outings, boat and raft races, and they have the objective of promoting safer boating. For more details please see here.

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