As part of The Adventure Weekend, taking place in the RDS from the 20th to the 22nd of May, the ISA assisted Spin 1038 DJ Brian Maher with his commute to work…ISA style! With a little help from ISA members, clubs and training centres Brian was able to sample some of the sports the ISA have to offer. 

Brian’s journey began in Malahide Marina where he was greeted by Dave Garvey of DMG Sail Sports. Dave escorted Brian to the ISA Rib where Tony Wright, ISA Training Manager and Rachel Solon, ISA Communications Officer were waiting to take him to Howth Yacht Club. Once out in the open water Tony gave Brian a quick lesson in powerboat handling and then away they went. 

Waiting for them on arrival in Howth Yacht Club was Paul Adamson of Sailing West, his crew and his yacht. Paul wasted no time in giving Brian the helm and under Paul’s high standard of instruction Brian took to sailing naturally. So naturally in fact that he helmed the entire way across Dublin Bay to Dun Laoghaire.

Once at the National Yacht Cub Brian was greeted by Colin Gaffney and Keith Plummer for the final leg of his commute with the ISA. A leg which was arguably the most exhilarating but also the most physically demanding. What lay in store for Brian was Colin’s P750 aka Zapcat. Hurtling across the bay Brian really got to feel the rush of adrenaline inescapably associated with powerboat racing. 

Back on dry land and with the most exciting commute to work behind him Brian certainly earned his sea legs. Definitely a preferable option to waiting in traffic!

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