ECHO & IRC Revalidation 2013

The ISA Racing department are currently preparing the Revalidation documents and the online ordering system for 2013 ECHO and IRC Ratings. All current ECHO and IRC certificates are valid until December 31st, 2012.

There are a few points to bring to owners attention:

Owners of ECHO & IRC rated boats will be sent their revalidation documents by mail in early January, if not received by January 10th please contact the office. In addition, the 2013 IRC Yearbook will be sent to owners of IRC rated boats.

IRC Trials and Amendments can only be made to current valid certificates, the revalidation must be done first. However, there is no added cost for incorporating changes, e.g. new sails, with a revalidation order. Make sure that we have the new data when you place your order to avoid an amendment fee! (Online, make a note in the ‘Special Instructions’ section)

There is a substantial discount for using the online system for all ratings and it is the most secure way to pay. This will be running over the Christmas holiday period allowing 2013 revalidation orders to be placed from December 21st. Orders placed during the holiday period will be delivered in January.

IRC Rule Changes for 2013 – Headsail measurements

You may be aware of the change to IRC for 2013, with the addition of HUW (headsail upper 7/8 width) and removal of HHB (headsail top width). We would like to assure owners and sailmakers that in the majority of cases this will not mean measurement of existing sails or adverse effect on rating. 

The new rule text is:

21.7           Headsails

21.7.1 Headsail area (HSA) shall be calculated from:

                                HSA = 0.0625*LL*(4*LP + 6*HHW + 3*HTW + 2*HUW + 0.09)

                                      If foot offset is greater than 7.5% of LP, then foot offset shall be declared and foot offset shall be added to LL in the calculation of HSA.

                   21.7.2 The following shall be declared. LL, LP, HHW, HTW, HUW and LLmax.

                   21.7.3       HSA, LL, LP, HHW, HTW and HUW of the largest area headsail, and LLmax will be shown on the boat's certificate. HSA and LLmax are the maximum permitted values.


HUW                          The upper width of the largest area headsail, the upper leech point being the point on the leech equidistant from the head point and the three-quarter leech point.

“So, do I need to have my headsail remeasured?”

For all new sails HUW will need to be supplied (measured by an approved measurer if the certificate is Endorsed).

However, for headsails rated in 2012 a default HUW figure has been set as a percentage of HTW, based on analysis of actual sail data., and  will be printed on your revalidation form. Unless you think that the actual measurement is larger than this, you will not need to have your headsail measured. 

It will generally only be non-overlapping jibs that may have an HUW larger than the default %, and owners/sailmakers are likely to know when this will apply.  Where the actual HUW is larger than default, then of course this must be declared. 

 “But, surely if my sail’s HUW is smaller than the default, I will be paying for sail area I don’t have?”  

We have looked at the effect on TCC of variation in HUW, which for a typical percentage smaller than default would be less than 0.0005.  It is therefore considered that for existing sails most owners will NOT need to get their headsail measured, and will not be penalised for this.

“If the difference is so small, why are you bothering?”

Because the effect on TCC is dramatically magnified if in parallel with increasing HUW, LL is also shortened. That is the ‘loophole’ we are fixing.

Christmas Holiday arrangements:

The ISA office will close from 12.30 on December 21st and reopen at 09.00 on January 2nd, 2013.

The ISA Racing manager and administrator, Ed and Pamela, wish all our sailors a very Happy Christmas and fair winds in the new year.

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