Day 6 Report

On the last day of the 2012 Topper Worlds, the Championship had already been decided with only one scheduled race left in the series naming Giles Kuzyk GBR the winner but from 2nd to 6th places there was less than 10 points and a last-race chance for any of these to make the podium. Dougie Power IRL among this group in 5th brought gave himself a chance with a stellar Thursday performance.

After a short postponement, all boats went afloat. Under a black flag, the race got away in 4-5 knot, variable and tricky conditions. It was a snakes-and-ladders race but on the Run of the Trapezoid, the wind started to shut down. Eventually with the leaders halfway up 2nd beat it was abandoned with sailors sent ashore meaning results stood as they were from the night before. 

Overall, it was another great performance from the Irish securing at least one top 5 finish for the 5th year in a row as well as many good individual race performances from others in Gold and Silver fleet. The standard continues to ever-improve with all sailors that reach Gold fleet in some National or Intermediate squad. The hard work must continue over the Winter to 2013 when Ireland shall try again to win the Topper World Championship for the first time.

Please see here for full results.

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Day 5 Report

On Day 5 of the Topper Worlds, the best conditions so far were present with slightly moderated breeze and waves, about 12-14 knots giving perfect sailing conditions for all. The OOD managed to go 4 races for all fleets Gold, Silver and 4.2s. The Irish faired much better on Day 5 than on Day 4 particularly Dougie power who has climbed right back up the leaderboard with scores of 11, 2, 3, 1 from the day including winning the last race by a sizeable margin leading around every mark. Erica Ruigrok scored 2 top 10's, Thomas Moore a 6th in once race with all the others, Alison Dolan and Grainne Young working hard to finish mainly in the twenties and thirties in Gold Fleet.

In Silver Fleet, Conor Sheriff nearly had a very good day with scores of 3, 3, 1 and a teens-result which was unfortunate as he was actually in lead but went to wrong Gate mark before the finish however he bounced back to score a win in 4th and final race. Daniel Raymond, Harry Craig and Conor Kneafsey scored several top 5's and top 10's throughout the day as well.

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Day 4 Report

Day 4 awoke to extremely blustery, gusty conditions with a very steep short chop making it difficult sailing conditions with winds from 18-20 knots. The fleet was split into Gold and Silver with 7 sailors from Ireland in Gold and 8 in silver. Erica Ruigrok and Liam Glynn did well in race 1 of the day racing in the top 10 eventually scoring a 6 and 13 while in the other races Thomas Moore got a 15 in one and Dougie Power was mid-twenties in each. Slightly lighter winds are forecast for Thursday, much more like Monday so hopefully Irish fortunes fare a little better once again. 

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Day 3 Report

Day 3 was the last day of qualifying but much like Day 1 it consisted of very light winds. The fleet was launched early, a race was attempted then abandoned soon after sending sailors ashore before they were relaunched for more racing when more was attempted but unfortunately due t the winds being 4 knots and dropping throughout it was later abandoned. This meant that from Wednesday on, racing was fleeted into Gold and Silver fleet.

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Day 2 Report

Day 2 on Monday promised a better forecast and it delivered. In testing 12-14 knot conditions with a lumpy chop on the course, 4 races were sailed for the yellow and blue flights totalling 158 sailors. All the Irish sailors battled through the day in familiar conditions to home. Dougie Power really seized the day, powering to 2 race wins and top 10 finishes to be right up there on the leaderboard. Liam Glynn had two top 5's among a BFD and a 20's while Thomas Moore, Grainne Young, Niamh Doran showed good skill with numerous teens-placed finishes. A solid first day for the Irish ahead of lighter winds and last day of qualifying on Day 3. 

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Day 1 Report

Day 1 at the Topper Worlds kicked off in extremely hot conditions in Workum, the Netherlands but unfortunately with very little wind. At 11.30am a start for each fleet was attempted in less than 4 knots of breeze but steady conditions. Eventually, as conditions deteriorated,  the race was abandoned and racing postponed ashore. After a 3 hour wait the decision was made to abandon racing for the day much to the delight of the many swimming and jumping-in sailors.

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The Topper World Championships 2012 in Workum, the Netherlands started on the 18th August and will finish on Friday the 24th.

The ISA Topper Squad and numerous other irish Topper sailors are competing with a total of 15 sailors in the 158 boat fleet. After strong finishes in the last few years, this group of sailors is looking to deliver again.

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