In the midst of all the excitement and hullabaloo of the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Worlds, a large group of club members are giving up their time to ensure that competing boats are launched and recovered rapidly and without undue stress.

The Royal St George YC has offered all the volunteers an opportunity to get out on the water to view the racing. As part of this initiative, with the express wish that the event leaves as wide a legacy as possible, the forecourt team have set up a “rules coaching” initiative. 

Every day the keenest young racing sailors go out on the water in a RIB with an experienced ISA National Judge/Umpire. The future champions are introduced to the particular way in which the judges view the racing. Whilst most sailors might admire how a 420 tacked, how the crew moved rapidly out to a full trapezing position... the judge would be pointing out that the boat, from the moment she passed head to wind until she was on a close-hauled course, was subject to rule 13 “Whilst Tacking” and, having tacked from port to starboard, she had acquired right of way and was obliged to give an approaching port tack boat room to keep clear...

This is also an opportunity for young sailors to learn something of the mechanics of running a serious regatta. Realising that marks are being laid as the competitors sail round the course, listening in on the race committee's discussion as they decide and implement a change of course, in reaction to a change in the wind direction... or shadowing the judges as they view the start line, checking for rule 42 infringements (the young sailors having first read the official ISAF interpretations of the rule regulating methods of propulsion) enriches their understanding of how the race officals work.

By the end of the Championship 45 of Ireland's keenest young sailors, not only from the Royal St George but also groups from Lough Derg and Galway Bay, will have benefited from this experience. 

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