The RNLI has replaced the old Sea Check with a new and upgraded service simply called RNLI Advice Onboard. The new service has changed in a number of significant ways.

It still offers advice on safety equipment, and more has been added to reflect recent developments in technology. In addition, it has been expanded to cover more than just safety equipment and now offers more advice on what to do if a range of things go wrong, such man overboard recovery and rigging emergency steering. 

In addition, anyone availing of RNLI Advice Onboard will get a lot more information on lifejackets, such as how to look after them, how to ensure they are fitted properly, and how to reduce the affect of cold water shock.

To ensure the boat owners get the best advice and information from knowledgeable people, the RNLI has retrained selected volunteers to offer Advice Onboard. These volunteers come from a wide range of boating activities and have a sound knowledge and understanding of general boating, with specialist knowledge in their own areas of the sport.

To book an Advice Onboard session with an RNLI volunteer, one can either ring 1800 789589, contact your local lifeboat station, who will pass your request on to their Lifeboat Sea Safety Officer or log on to 

And it’s not just for the skipper or owner. The crew are welcome to sit in and take part in the discussion as well. In fact, the more people on board who know what to do the better.

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