ISA – Selection Procedures for Perth 2011 Olympic Qualifier

1. Perth Worlds Entry Place

Ireland has the following places available at the World Championships in Perth 2011:

 Men’s One Person Dinghy  1
 Women’s One Person Dinghy  2
 Men’s One Person Dinghy (Heavy)  1
 Men’s Two Person Dinghy  1
 Women’s Two Person Dinghy  1
 Men’s Skiff  2
 Men’s Keelboat  2

2. Perth Worlds Entry Place - Allocation

2.1     In the disciplines where we have two entries one entry place will be allocated to ISC
International and World Class carded athletes 2011.

2.2    In disciplines where there is only one place available sailors will be selected based on results
from Delta Lloyd 2011 and Sail for Gold 2011. The same selection method will be used for allocation
of additional entry places.

3. Scoring

3.1 Points shall be awarded to the Candidate helm in each Trial Regatta exactly corresponding to
that Candidate’s final overall placing in that Trial Regatta as shown on the official final results sheet
published by the regatta organisers.  For example, an overall first place shall score one point, a
second place shall score two points and so on.  

3.2 In the event that a Candidate does not compete in a Trial Regatta, then that Candidate shall
score points for that Trial Regatta equal to the overall placing given to the last entry on the official
final results sheet published by the regatta organizers plus one point.

3.3 Scores for the Trials Series for each Event shall include the points from each Trial Regatta.

3.4 If there is a tied score between two or more Candidates in any Trials Series, each Candidate’s
trial Regatta scores shall be listed in order of best (lowest) to worst (highest) and at the first point
where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favour of the Candidate with the best score.  If
a tie still remains between two or more Candidates, the Candidate with the best final overall placing
in the last Trial Regatta shall be decisive.

4.    Amendments and Appeals

4.1    No amendment to these procedures shall be made in respect of any Event without the prior written consent of each Candidate for that Event

4.2    Any appeal in relation to these procedures, or a recommendation under these procedures, shall be to the ISA Tribunal.
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